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New Webisode, Message from Damon and Carlton

Fourth Webisode: The Deal (Michael and Juliet) - NOW AVAILABLE


A Message from Damon & Carlton to LOST Fans
Hey LOST fans ~ This is hijinx from The Evil Puppet Masters, The Fuselage and I also run an official fansite for LOST Exec Prod Bryan Burk. I have been asked to forward the following message to as many LOST fans as possible:

Dear LOST fans,

Please join us and support all the writers of your favorite TV shows. So many of you guys have asked what you can do to help and this is it! Send PENCILS!!!

We're gonna offer three prizes (chosen at random) -- Every box you buy gives you one shot at the raffle.

GRAND PRIZE: A personal thank-you call from us (Carlton and Damon) AND Matthew Fox where we shall do our bestest to answer your questions about the show's mysteries AND a Season 3 DVD set.

FIRST PRIZE: A signed finale script by writers Damon and Carlton and a surprise cast member!

SECOND PRIZE: Signed Season 3 DVD Set (standard and blu-ray!) by the entire writing staff!

The site to buy the pencils is

We love and miss you all and can't wait to get back to work!


Damon and Carlton

***When you go to the site, put "LOST" in the blank for which show you are supporting to be entered into the raffle.***