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Posting problems again

I thought I'd post over here because the other board isn't working again. Thanks to everyone who posted at the aimoo board! I keep trying to post but as usual it's not working right again.

I will keep trying and try to post news again over there. Thanks to everyone who has been posting.

Hopefully it will be working again soon!

Re: Posting problems again

This is such a shame because you are losing so many members and traffic this way. I really hope these problems will be solved soon. I tried again to come on the Aimoo board tonight, but no such luck.

Re: Posting problems again

Hi Lizz! Sorry for the problems getting there. I just don't know what to do anymore! They sent a new message saying they are working on it. I was able to get there tonight. I don't know if I should just get rid of the whole board or what - I hate to lose 3 years of those messages. This is what they said today:

Dear Aimoo Member, This message reaches you for the purpose of letting you know what exactly happened since the upgrade of version 8.0.1 on November 12, 2007. As you know, Aimoo is facing the biggest challenge since the release of Aimoo version 8.0.1, unstable program and severer, so many glitches and problems and so on. All these problems worry Aimoo staff a lot. So far there are still so many glitches waiting to be addressed. We have done our utmost to revert Aimoo back to the glory as six years ago. But as a result, we just screw up everything. We have to admit that the upgrade is frustrating. Overall, we are really sorry that Aimoo owners and members have to go through all these misfortunes before holidays with us. During the past one month, Aimoo technological team stays up late to address all the problems step by step in order to offer you a more stable environment. The special service group is taking all their hands to offer assistance to all members who are driven mad to adapt to the new and unstable environment. But we are sure that all these work are worthy, because we know that you stand with us all the time. To be honest, Aimoo have encountered a lot of big problems such as the error pages always bother you and the chat room didn’t work for you any more some time. There are a large number of threads and posts are stocked in our old WEB system on a few servers. Some of our veteran members may get to know that our Aimoo servers cannot stand anymore, if we do not make some changes, they will also be “crazy” and then collapse completely. That’ why we take a risk to upgrade. What we have done is intended to make you feel at home but not destroy everything as some members mentioned. The great “ambition” to upgrade distracts our attention from the demands of our members. In the process of data transfer, we do the stupid thing to just transfer your threads and replies to the new version, but not all your data including your customizations which you put all your hearts and soul into. Our data processing division is regret to what they have done. We sincerely apologize for the upgrade has caused to you, and please have faith in us that we will get everything done perfectly in the near future. Although you miss Aimoo version 7 a lot, it will not come back again. Because it cannot adapt to the new hardware environment. Please don’t be sad, we will make the current version 8.0.1 perfect for you. And it will be your warm home. Let’s together to make our home more comfortable. Your any comments or suggestions will be highly appreciated.

Re: Posting problems again

Ok so this board or that. Pleaseeeeeeeeeee let me know when it is

Re: Posting problems again

Hi Lora! I'll make sure to let you know! I have been posting news over there again but there still seems to be problems. They had it all fixed like three days ago but then they did something that messed up the order of the messages again. The member list is back thankfully. Hopefully it will be all fixed very soon.

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!