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Short Naveen Mentions

Planet Terror skips Aussie theatres
Date : January 8, 2008 Writer : Ramius

Seems the Aussie's won't get a chance to see, what I believe, was the better of the "Grindhouse" movies on the big screen. I sigh for them. And sigh again. "Planet Terror" will premiere on downunder discs in March ("Death Proof" will also be available the same month).

The zombie-film homage is an absolute blast. Josh Brolin has more fun with his role than he's ever had on film before, Marley Shelton is more than just a pretty girl on a poster holding a syringe, and Naveen Andrews reminds us that he's not going to be on "Lost" forever. There's also a terrific little cameo by Bruce Willis - who plays sort-of a book-end character.

The distributor, Roadshow, no doubt based their decision to release "Terror", directed by Robert Rodriguez, on DVD instead of giving it a theatrical bow based on the poor performance of "Death Proof" at Australian cinemas in November. I don't think it went terribly, but it didn't last any more than a couple of weeks - and even then didn't exactly pack 'em in.

Re: Short Naveen Mentions

• Lost star Naveen Andrews, enjoying some time on the mainland with girlfriend Barbara Hershey. The couple held hands as they strolled down Montana Avenue in Santa Monica, making a pit stop at boutique Platino
(Source: People Magazine)
Nice to know they're still together, it must be close to ten years now, isn't it?

Re: Short Naveen Mentions

Thanks so much for posting Lizz!

Re: Short Naveen Mentions Naveen's Lost doubts

Naveen's Lost doubts
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Lost's Naveen Andrews has apparently admitted he thought the show's premise was "ridiculous" when he first read the script.

The actor, who plays Sayid Jarrah on the hit US series, had no idea the desert island drama would be such a success, according to Heat magazine.

"Even if something is well-written, you know it might be critically well received, but you don't know if the public are going to buy it," said the 39-year-old.

"Personally, I just thought it was a ridiculous premise. People on an island? How long is that going to last without people getting bored?"

Naveen revealed the show has opened more doors for him.

"The great thing about Lost and the fact that it has been so successful is that it's opened up other avenues of work," he said. "I think for all of us to be able to go on and do good work as a result of this show is the best thing that we can take from it."