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A "babe-licious" Naveen Biography I had not seen before

A Biography I never read before:

The Hottest Actor on Television

Today, television is full of actors and actresses that are so attractive we can only dream about getting a glimpse of them in person. They are the reason we tune in week after week to watch our favorite television shows. These hotties are our motivation behind watching shows through a slump with the hopes they will return to their full entertaining glory. Lost is lucky to have the hottest actor on television among the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815.

Naveen Andrews was born in London, England in 1969. While he is best known for his roles in The English Patient (kip) and as Sayid on ABC’s Lost, his filmography includes quite a variety. He attended London’s Guildhall School of Music and Drama with the likes of Ewan McGregor. It obviously paid off as Naveen Andrews was voted one of People Magazine’s “World’s Most Beautiful People”.

Andrews moved to the United States to seek rehabilitation from his addiction to alcohol and heroin, which plagued him during his early twenties and almost ruined his career.

If this man doesn’t get your blood boiling on Lost or in The English Patient, perhaps you will find some of his other projects steamier. His racy performance in Kama Sutra certainly heated things up, including much controversy, in India. Oddly enough, his lover in Kama Sutra (Indira Varma) played his sister in Bride and Prejudice.

His attractive presence on screen isn’t the only thing that lands him roles. He’s also good at what he does having received numerous award nods throughout his career. In 1993 he was nominated as the Most Promising Newcomer by the Evening Standard Drama Awards for his role in Wild West. At the San Remo Film Festival he was nominated for Best Actor for BBC’s The Buddha of Suburbia.

But acting isn’t Naveen’s only talent; he also plays guitar and sings. He has been playing guitar since he was 12-years-old and has said if he wasn’t an actor, he would pursue music as a career.

Being seductive isn’t something Naveen Andrews picked up with this acting career. When he was only 16-years-old, he fell in love with his Math teacher and had a child. And his teacher isn’t the only older woman he has dated. "I've always been attracted to older women, because they know who they are," he says. "They look infinitely better to me." His relationship with Barbara Hershey, 21 years his senior, is further proof to his attraction for older women.

Naveen Andrews isn’t just an attractive lover either. He has opinions on a variety of things and sticks by them—from his disgust at various religions wanting their members to choose the extremes and people not thinking for themselves to standing by for sexual hypocrisy and allowing the brutalization of woman in paternalistic societies. It is always nice when your hot fantasy fodder also stands for good causes. Naveen Andrews is obviously just as babe-licious on the inside as he is on the outside. That and a South London accent never hurts.
By Erin McMaster