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Naveen on Jonathan Ross

First my version from how I saw this, then the official version.
First of all, Jonathan Ross is talking sooooo fast one can hardly understand what he is saying and he is making his guest a little nervous with that. They begin to stutter and Naveen did that in the starting minute too.
It's difficult to follow, but after a few minutes he relaxed and took over the rhythm of the interview.
Second of all, Like in ALL interviews Jonathan started asking about the times and lives of naveen in London, you know the drinking and the heroine. Why do they always come with that? Naveen stayed very relaxed and answered very dignfied, no problems, no stuttering, very easy. And than we got some new details out of him which I never knew before. 1, the group he played in as a teen was called The *****s of Babylon. 2, He did three songs with Steve Johns and Cliff Richard, next to "Don't talk to him" they also played :"Move it" and "Bachelor Boy"
3, He decided to stop drinking, just 5 years ago because one day he was driving through Topanga County with Jaisal and he had too much to drink and he scared Jaisal. That is why he stopped drinking. the same day!
4, He was in Toronto for a shoot and he collapsed there in 1997 due to too much alcohol. 5, He says it took him 3 days to kick off from the heroine but it took nine days to get the alcohol out of his system and it was worse than doing cold turkey. He confirmed he did a rehab-clinic to get dry. He is dry for 5 years exactly. Which proves that it was not Babs for who he stopped drinking but Jaisal. Also he said he was hired to stay on the show (Lost) till the end, meaning two and a half year. He also stated there were two more episodes shot after the 6 that were already done and that they are actively shooting now. He said he was very sad to see Dom go, because Dom was his Ënglish Buddy", they had a very strong bond, they were always joking and fooling arround (typical British humot no one else in the world would understand, he said) and playing music together.
What can I say more? He looked absolutely stunningly well, he was very relaxed and bonded right away with the chihuahua from Brit Eklund who was also a guest on the show This is the interview in short:

Lost star Naveen Andrews reveals details of heroin addiction

Lost star Naveen Andrews has revealed how a drug addiction ruined his life for two years.

Andrews revealed details of his heroin abuse in an interview to be shown on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross.

The actor who plays Sayid on the popular TV show said: "There was a danger of me copping it… I lost two years to heroin.

"I was able to work; I don't know how I did it. You can take incredible abuse and still work… I collapsed on a job because of booze."

Andrews also revealed how he was warned of his behaviour while filming The English Patient.

"The turning point was I drove my son when I was drunk and he was scared, and that's when I decided to go into rehab in LA," he said.

The actor told Ross that he remained committed to the Lost series, despite having had worries about the show in the past.

"I'm still proud of the first season, around the third I though they were winging it, the writing was poor, [but] I'm definitely doing two more years."