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This forum has been a way to provide a public exchange of questions and answers for polymer clay sculptors. But, as I said in my final post, there comes a time when all things must end. That doesn't mean the forum used as an archive has nothing to offer. Indeed it is still loaded with questions and answers that remain relevant and which are searchable! For that reason, I'm keeping it available, though no new posts can be added. If after searching the forum your question isn't addressed, Join me on to ask it. As always, you'll find me there as Katherine Dewey. Hope to see you there. --  Katherine

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vinyl glue

I'm glueing wings to my figure in the book it says use vinyl glue. what is vinyl glue? and where do i get it?

Re: vinyl glue

Hi Kristi,
Welcome to the Forum. To secure the eye pin to the paper wing, I recommend a vinyl (also called Polyvinyl acetate or PVA glue). The white craft glues are examples of this kind of glue. My favorites are Aileene's Jewel-It and Beacon's GemTac. You will find them in the craft store where they sell beading supplies or with other glues. I like them because they adhere to porous materials like wood and paper and to non porous materials like metal or polymer clay. The two brands I mentioned are also waterproof when dry, so they're very strong. I also like Aileene's Tacky Glue. To secure the "wired wing" to the sculpture, I like to use an instant glue such as Super Glue, but the same Vinyl glue will also work.
Hope this helps,

Re: vinyl glue

yes! that helps a lot. i have the Aileen's Tacky Glue so i'll use that. thanks!