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This forum has been a way to provide a public exchange of questions and answers for polymer clay sculptors. But, as I said in my final post, there comes a time when all things must end. That doesn't mean the forum used as an archive has nothing to offer. Indeed it is still loaded with questions and answers that remain relevant and which are searchable! For that reason, I'm keeping it available, though no new posts can be added. If after searching the forum your question isn't addressed, Join me on to ask it. As always, you'll find me there as Katherine Dewey. Hope to see you there. --  Katherine

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Creating a design in a polymer clay

Hi All,

I've had three or four goes at this. I want to put a design onto a background (shield) that I have sculpted. The design is quite large (a tree about 6cm high) but very thin (about 3-4mm). Of course the design has to be flat and even throughout.

Is there an easy way to do this. The branches on the tree design are quite delicate and I am finding it hard to get it the same as the printout I am using as a reference. I thought surely there is a way to create a template or something.

I have access to super sculpey, kneadatite (green and brown) and a local art supplie so could get a hold of most other mediums.

Thanks for your help,


Re: Creating a design in a polymer clay

Took me a while, but I found a tutorial that illustrates how I would creatre such a pattern. I'd work in the negative using techniques almost identical to those described here,,sculpting.php?id=571
I'd also add a few tricks of my own. Transfering the pattern to the clay in order to make the mold is the first hurdle and there are multiple solutions:
1. I could trace the pattern with a ball point pen on vellum and then place that drawing ink side down on the clay, burnish well so that the ink transfers to the clay, and then use a ball stylus or needle tool to scribe the lines in the clay.
2. Because I have a dye based inket printer, I could print the image to size on medium weight glossy paper, shake embossing powder onto the slow drying ink, shake off the excess powder and then use a heat gun to melt the powder, leaving a raised image. Using talc as a mold release I would then press the embossed pattern onto the clay and again use a ball stylus or needle tool to refine the mold.
Hope this helps,

Re: Creating a design in a polymer clay

Perfect. Thank you for those ideas. They are great!!!

Re: Creating a design in a polymer clay

Katherine, i am always amazed with your suggestions!

Thanks for posting this.