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This forum has been a way to provide a public exchange of questions and answers for polymer clay sculptors. But, as I said in my final post, there comes a time when all things must end. That doesn't mean the forum used as an archive has nothing to offer. Indeed it is still loaded with questions and answers that remain relevant and which are searchable! For that reason, I'm keeping it available, though no new posts can be added. If after searching the forum your question isn't addressed, Join me on to ask it. As always, you'll find me there as Katherine Dewey. Hope to see you there. --  Katherine

Forum: Elvenwork Forum
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new sculpt

send I found this cool piece of wood and decided it needed some wormthingy to come creeping out, still undecided about the face/head design yet

Re: new sculpt

Any sketches?

Re: new sculpt

Nifty. Can't wait to see.

Re: new sculpt

P1010271I have never drawn out any of the 4 sculpts I have done, fish, octopus, plant and this centipede. I see the way they look in my head and as I add clay or remove clay I start to see the way the sculpt is changing, good or bad. Sometimes I have to look at in outside in differant lights or just stare at it for weeks on end but some idea always comes and it usallyends up like I thought, although the fine details or expressions come out on there own...hehe. Well this is where I am at so far...face is coming the way, NOT like I thought it whould be..hehe O-well. I am really looking foward to building the base, Tree roots holding the lights on the sculpt, we'll see

Re: new sculpt

I have started on the base as a change of pace...hehe...I love this piece of wood it looks great with my decorP1010282I have decided to make the "root" corners not holding the lights, it became a little LARGE, if you know what I meanP1010278P1010277I left the can in to show scale...ITs BIG...hehe. I will crave the wood that the tree stump is setting on so the roots come from the stump and connect to the clay/magic sculpt corner roots. The corner roots need a layer of sculpty and some detail than I have to try an paint them to match the stump, which is a pain...cya later with an update.

Re: new sculpt

Mike, cool concept. I love that piece of wood and the way you are making the clay legs. Can't wait to see it finished.


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