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This forum has been a way to provide a public exchange of questions and answers for polymer clay sculptors. But, as I said in my final post, there comes a time when all things must end. That doesn't mean the forum used as an archive has nothing to offer. Indeed it is still loaded with questions and answers that remain relevant and which are searchable! For that reason, I'm keeping it available, though no new posts can be added. If after searching the forum your question isn't addressed, Join me on to ask it. As always, you'll find me there as Katherine Dewey. Hope to see you there. --  Katherine

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Re: smoothing clay

Catherine. l was wondering if you could advise me please. l have been working with sculpty living doll clay.. l have just started trying to sculpt a babies head but l am having great difficulty with the clay going to soft and loosing it's shape. Is there anyway to keep the clay more firm. it seems a loosing battle.

Thank you for any tips

Re: smoothing clay

To make a soft clay firmer, roll it into thin sheets. Sandwich the clay between clean sheets of paper and place a weight on top. My book is just the right size. Let it rest over night. The paper will draw or "leach", excess plasticiser from the clay.

Test the clay's fitness for modeling. Roll it into a ball, cut the ball in half, and then put the halves back together and blend the seams by stroking the surface with your finger. If you can create a smooth ball out of
the two halves without pushing the clay out of shape, it's fit. If not, leach the clay again to make it firmer.

Hope this helps,

Re: smoothing clay

thank you katherine will try that