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Thanks for letting me race last night

Hey everyone,
Thanks again for letting me in on superspeedway series last night. It wasn't the best night for me at all. I downloaded the wrong setup in the file manager and it had something like 25 lbs. on the left sides and 45 on the rights. I knew that wasn't right but I tried it anyway and it was absolutely undrivable. I tried to get it back to the original setup and it was still terrible, thing was bottoming out, wouldn't turn, too loose on entry, hitting the splitter, you name it, it was happening. Also, my infant started on new meds and he was screaming for like an hour so I had to log off and help the wife. I downloaded the correct setup today and tried it and did a mock Q run and ran 75.1 first lap and 74.6 second lap... Go figure it helps to have the right setup. But anyway, thanks again for letting me join you guys. I'll be back on as soon as I can if you'll have me.


Re: Thanks for letting me race last night

Tyler, you are welcome to race anytime you have the chance, and yeah a good setup helps,lol, i thought you had the wrong setup in, because you were very slow, i am very sorry you did not get the right setup, any time you need help with a setup i will always help anyone,np, makes for better racing, Regards Ken, aka Stanley.

Re: Thanks for letting me race last night

I did my best to fix the wrong setup in the 5 minutes I had in happy hour but it was awful. I downloaded the wrong fixed setup in the file manager on accident. Thanks again