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"Man Up" - Yellow Flag Rule

Please follow this procedure outlined for the "Man Up" Rule.
We do not want to have to review each incident; but we will if drivers are not "Manning Up".

Thank You

"MAN UP" yellow flag procedures
The league wants the driver who created the caution to declare via NR2003 Chat or Team Speak that they created the caution. This racer must speed through the pits to get a longest line penalty. If during the caution period other drivers have lined up behind the driver then the racer has 2 options: 1. on the restart let all the racers by on the high side or 2. While is the caution is still displayed and before the green flag is displayed they can drive through the pit road. This will ensure the racer creating the caution is at the rear of the field. This should reward clean drivers and reduce taking unnecessary risks which could affect a driver who did not create the caution. The league has labeled this declaration as “MAN UP”. At this time no penalties will be imposed to any driver not “Manning Up”, but this could result in penalties in the future. Racers are not to argue on whom the person to “Man Up”. But the leagues’ expectation is our racers are professional and must take responsibility for actions detrimental to the league. This balance of side by side driving and risk taking habits can be a fine line, the league wants to keep it to a fine line and not a gray area. The league and it members take pride on numerous caution free races. We can to continue this trend and reward racers who have these same aspirations.