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Stakeholders meeting minutes
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ASRacingN2K3 Minutes of the Stakeholders Meeting 5/2/2013


Agenda items

Review of the Grand Championship program
Grand Championship Point system posting on WEBSITE
Changes to rules for Season 3, update rules webpage to reflect changes.
Yellow Flags
Replay reviewing Season 3
Forum additions
Mod changes for Season 3
Officially authorized affiliation with ASRacingN2K3
Trophies, plaques for next season.
Core.ini proposal
New track testing results & recommendations for Season 3

The following items were discussed and consensus was obtain by the 4 Stakeholders

Grand Championship Rules
Changes to be adopted for Season 3, to promote increased competitor participation.

Drivers’ meet the following criteria in order to qualify for the Grand Championship:
1.Must be a member in good standing.
2.The competitor must declare which four series they want to be used for the Grand Championship points program. This declaration must done, no later than the completion of week one in Season three.
3.Provisional points will begin to accumulate in the standings after the driver has made the four series declaration for ASR Grand Championship Season 3.
4.Start and Park will be allowed in the four declared series by the competitor.

Grand Championship Point system posting on WEBSITE
Only the top ten drivers in points of the ASRacing Grand Championship series will get posted on the webpage. Any competitor outside the top ten can request a status of points and position.
Website will get updated at least once a week but can get updated more frequently when time allows. During the Final 2 weeks of the championships the standings can get posted daily.

Changes to rules for Season 3, update rules webpage to reflect changes
Numerous grammar corrections and deletions of fragmented verses.
Lucky dogs will be used for the entire race, as long as there is a potential for a green flag restart. The less than 10 lap exception will be removed for season three.
Add a confirmation forum to ensure all drivers understand the rules and rules changes for the new season.

Yellow Flags
When a yellow flag does occur, the driver who committed the yellow must call out responsibility to the administrator of the race. No other competitor can make any suggestions or determine who caused the caution. If there is no driver taking ownership of the caution or there is confusion of what occurred. The admin will review the replay after the race. If it is clearly seen in the replay of responsibility the competitor will get notified of such. If this practice continues with the same driver then the league has the option to impose a penalty to be determined.

Replay reviews for Season 3
Series administrators will be reviewing race replays based on the incidents which occur during each race or can perform random reviews.
Items to be considered during reviews:
1.jumping restarts
2.numerous cautions
3.aggressive driving
4.dive bombing pitting
6.pit road violations

Forum additions
Need administrators and we will offer training to prospective or new admins.
Rules acknowledgement and acceptance forum
Stakeholder’s meeting minutes for all members to review

Mod changes for Season 3
Sprint cup mod will discontinue and be replaced by the GEN 6 mod.

First officially authorized affiliation with ASRacingN2K3
Smoke’s Sims Paint shop will be the first officially authorized affiliation of ASRacingN2K3…..
This vehicle painting vendor will be the leagues official painter. Smoke’s paint shop will be acknowledged as an affiliation of ASRacingN2K3 for the sole purpose of providing his services to all our members.
This affiliation does not require members to use Smoke’s Paint Shop service in order to race in this league. But this vendor will be the only vendor allowed to advertise and charge for his services’ in this league.
Members can use any paint scheme and use any painter for cars raced here at ASRacing.

Trophies, plaques for next season.
Grand Championship will receive a trophy or plaque for season 3.
All series Champions are being considered for plaques, decision will made as soon as possible. ( Funding and designs upon funding approval)

Core.ini proposal
Testing will occur during the offseason for this new core.ini initiative. The goal of this testing is to determine if close and door banging racing can be achieved by changing the core.ini file. Other leagues have had success.
Tman has offered his services in assisting all members in the testing phase and if testing proves positive results then Tman will also assist in the implementation phase of this initiative.

New track testing results & recommendations for Season 3
All new tracks that have been tested so far has been positive with the exception of the new Chicagoland track, the day to night transition does not appear to be gradual and/or has variations from one end of the track to the other, this type of inconsistent transition does not meet our requirements.