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Stakeholders meeting minutes
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Stakeholders minutes of the meeting 8/14/2013

Larry S.

Agenda items

• Review and changes to the Grand Championship program
• Changes to Grand Championship Point system posting on WEBSITE
• Changes to Lucky Dog procedures
• Track setups
• Posting changes to Website
• Start & Park concerns
• Race Recap assistance

The following items were discussed and consensus was obtained for approval.

Grand Championship Rules
Changes to be adopted for Season 4.
All eight series in season four will be used to determine the Grand Champion. We are reverting to the original format.

Drivers’ meet the following criteria in order to qualify for the Grand Championship:
1. Must be a member in good standing.
2. Provisional points will begin used in the standings for ASR Grand Championship Season 4.
3. Start and Park will be allowed.

Grand Championship Point system posting on WEBSITE
• Only the top ten drivers in points of the ASRacing Grand Championship series will get posted on the webpage. Any competitor outside the top ten can request a status of points and position.
• Website will get updated at least once a month, but can get updated more frequently when time allows. During the Final 2 weeks of the championship the standings can get posted daily.

Changes to Lucky Dog procedures

The lucky dog procedure will be as:
• Admin will declare the driver for the lucky dog as before.
• The lucky dog does not need to get an “End of longest line penalty”.
• They can pit normally and fall back in line as they exit pit road.
• If they do not pit then they maintain their position in the field.
• When the pace car shows one lap to go, the lucky dog identified driver will pass the pace car, and rejoin the back of the field which will give them the lap back. It is the drivers’ responsibility to get back to the end of the field prior to the green being thrown.
• The driver will be issued a black flag because of this procedure and the ADMIN will clear the black flag for the purpose of the lucky dog.
The reason for this change is to mimic the NASCAR Lucky dog process.

Track setups
Only expert setups will be used.

Posting changes to Website
All changes will be posted on the website.

Start & Park concerns
Discussion on issues with Start & Park resulted in an email that will be sent to all Season 3 Start & Parkers, which will include some suggested procedures and guidelines. These will get posted in the rules page.

Race Recap assistance
One of our members has offered to also provide race recaps. CupKid 29 has graciously offered to provide this service; Postal Wrench’s schedule has not allowed him to provide the attention to this important member recognition program. Postal Wrench will assist CupKid29 with any help or information to get him prepared for Season 4 recaps.

Forum additions
• Repost the “Need administrators” and we will offer training to prospective or new admins.