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Stakeholders meeting minutes
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Stakeholder's meeting 5/5/2016

Larry “Smoke”

Agenda items

Drivers that fallout procedure
Chase Format changes
Change in Series Schedule

The following items were discussed and consensus was obtain by the Stakeholders in attendance.

Drivers that fallout procedure
Any driver that falls out during a race will get put back on the lap they were on before the fallout. This fallout procedure will be conducted during the next caution period. If no caution occurs after the fallout the driver will remain in the position they were in are the fallout.
Any driver having more than 1 fall out in the same race will not be eligible for the fallout procedure after the 1st fallout.

Chase Format
The Chase format will remain in place for the GEN 6 Series and the NWS11. The Aero88 will also have it's own Chase Format. NWS11 will have the same format as in Season 13.

The Gen6 and Aero88 Chase Format will have a 4 round elimination format.
Top 10 Driver's in points qualify, any driver that wins during the regular season is automatically entered (they must still meet the requirements set forth in the rules to be qualified for the CHASE).

Challenger Round 10 drivers that compete only the top eight move onto next round.
Contender Round Of the 8 drivers only the 6 move on to the next round.
Eliminator Round Of the 6 drivers only the 4 move on to the next round.
Championship Round Of the 4 drivers in this round the Highest finisher will be the CHAMPION.
Please review the rules for clarification of format rules. Due to the Chase format being used in these two series there will be no provisional points given.

Blocking during a race

Any driver who feels that they have been blocked during a race except for the last 2 laps of a race can submit a replay to the admin of that series for review. The admin of the series will make the final determination of such review. At no time should any driver flame another driver for blocking. Let the admin make the determination after the race has finished.