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Stakeholders meeting minutes
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Stakeholder's meeting 11/7/2016

Larry S

Agenda items

Mod Changes for season 16
Chase Formats added
Aero88 mod admin
Pole Position incentive
Season 17 Change for BR15 Series
Web page reviewing
New track technical problems
Update rules page

The following items were discussed and consensus was obtain by the 6 Stakeholders

Mod Changes for season 16
Gen 6 will move to Sunday nights as an open setup series.
Wednesday night will change to BR15 Mod.
Chase Formats added
NCTS09 and NXS15 will run the 12 race season Chase format for season 16

Aero88 Mod Admin
The admin will relinquish his position for this series. Dave and Nelson will both work together to fill this mod until such replacement is found.

Season 17 Change for BR15 Series
Season 17 for the BR15 series will align with NASCAR's schedule, points and Chase format will be the same as well.

Pole Position incentive
The NCTS09 series will issue 1 extra point for the pole position qualifier.

Web page reviewing
Web administers will begin reviewing the content of all pages for any updating needed. Any members seeing a problem or possible update should notify any of the admins of the issue.

Rules page
Rules page will be updated to reflect all changes.