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Stakeholders meeting minutes
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Stakeholder's meeting 12/4/2017

Agenda items

Drivers falling out of server during the race
Commitment line violations
Black Flags
Restart Rule
New Cup Mod
Season 20
Racelm track file maintenance

The following items were discussed and consensus was obtain by the Stakeholders in attendance.

Drivers falling out of server during the race
Due to the increase in some drivers falling out and returning numerous times the following will be instituted:
Any driver falling out the first time during a race will be brought back to minus one lap over the last position of the running driver at that time. (ie. Driver #7 is -3 laps, driver #200 was on the lead lap when they fell out. #200 returns to the server and is brought back to -2 laps. If driver #7 was down 5 laps and driver #200 returns to the server and shows 3 laps down no action will be taken)
Then after the first time a driver falls out of the server no action will be taken to give back any laps upon the drivers return to the server.

Commitment cone violation

The entry to pit road must have all 4 four tires inside the cone or on the commitment line in the instances no cone is present.
The penalty for a commitment violation will follow the same protocall as HOT Pitting rule #4 on the rules page of AsracingN2K3 website. If you think you may have a commiment violation you must declare the violation before the entering back onto the track after the completion of pit stop, then you must self serve a drive through penalty to avoid any post race penalty. If you are found to have broken this rule, and you do not serve a drive through, a TWO lap penalty will be issued to your final position at the end of the race, as well the driver will be placed at the end of the drivers on that same lap. If this happens there will be no appeal.

Black Flags

Clearing of Black flags will be at the discretion of the admin on that night.
Habitual Black Flag offenders will not get black flags cleared.

Restart Rule
Any admin during the race can require drivers to close the following distance to no more than .2 of a second.

New Cup Mod
A new cup mod is scheduled for release in 2018 by Splash & Go, The 2018 BR15 mod may be replaced with this new mod pending further reaearch.

Season 20
Season 20 will begin on 12/17/2017.

Racelem track folder Maintenace
A review of all the current tracks on our Racelm tracks folder will be reviewed to remove Obsolete tracks.