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Stakeholders meeting minutes
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Stakeholders meeting 1/3/2019

Postal Slowpoke
DC 88 Billy Bob
Bergie Trip
Pacesetter HUD
Agenda items

• ASRacingN2K3 partnership with New Sidewinder Racing
• Blocking Rule
• Fuel Saving Mode
• Changes to Mods and nights to be run
• Splash & Go 2019 BR15 mod
• Race track standardization initiative
• Rules Change to GEN 6 BR15 playoff qualification

The following items were discussed and consensus
was obtain by the Stakeholders in attendance.

ASRacingN2K3 partnership with New Sidewinder Racing
All stakeholders have agreed to a partnership with New Sidewinder Racing.
This partnership with Billy Bob (New Sidewinder racing) will consist of the following:

• All Saturday and Sunday races previously run at ASRacing will be held at Billy Bob's server.
• The rules for Sat & Sun racing will fall under the purview of NSWR rules. These rules are posted on NSWR's website, we highly recommend all ASRacing drivers to review the rules since there are some differences.
• ASRacing will be posting results and points for those nights on ASRacing's web-page, as well as being posted on NSWR's web-page.
• The mods to be run on these nights will be 09 Trucks on Saturday night, Gen 6 on Sunday nights. Practice, Qualifying and Race times will be on NSWR's website. Open setups will be used on both nights.
• ASRacing and NSWR will work on determining which tracks will be run. For example Daytona, will it be an original or another version of this track.
• Date of partnership transition is projected for Feb. 17 2019.

This partnership will allow both leagues to continue their identities, rules and core values for each partner. While still promoting the continued success and development of the NR2003 sim to the racing sim community.

Blocking Rule

• The Blocking Rule will be eliminated. All blocking will at your own risk.

Fuel Saving Mode

• When a driver decides to enter fuel saving mode during competition that driver must move out of the driving lane when drivers behind them approach. Also a recommended courtesy is for that driver to tell the approaching driver that he will be moving out of the racing line. If the Fuel Saving mode driver does not move out of the way then this will be considered blocking and will be done at your own risk.

Changes to Mods and nights to be run
• Monday nights will use the CWS15 mod
• Tuesday nights will use the DMR16 with GNS physics
• Wednesday nights NO CHANGE
• Thursday nights NO CHANGE
• Friday nights Busch 98

Splash & Go 2019 BR15 mod
A new cup mod has been released by Splash & Go known as the 2019 BR15. Upon further discussion this mod will not be utilized this season due to potential frame rate issues and with out further testing of this mod it has been decided to put this suggestion on hold.

Race track standardization initiative
ASRacing will be determining which version of each track will be run for the upcoming season. This initiative is to reduce the amount of tracks drivers need to store on their game. ASR and NSWR will working closely to try to achieve this initiative for SAT & Sun racing as well.

Rules Change to GEN 6 BR15 playoff qualification
A Rules change beginning Season 2019 in the GEN6BR15
Wednesday night series in the qualification process.
In order to Qualify for the playoffs these criteria must be met:
• Win a race during the season
• Must be in the top 16 in points if driver has not won a race
• Must have raced at least 14 races during the 26 regular season.
If a driver has not completed 14 races by the end of the regular season but has won a race. That driver must finish in the top five(5) in regular season points to Qualify.