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Stakeholders meeting minutes
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Stakeholders Meeting 5/21/2020

Postal Postal
DC 88 Billy Bob
GA-98 Dinger
Agenda items

• Dover Track Change
• Single File Restart
• Enforcement of caution claims
• Billy Bob's Server rules changes

he following items were discussed and consensus
was obtain by the Stakeholders in attendance.

Dover Track Change

• Both leagues will replace Dover Nextel 05 version to Dover 2013 immediately. Billy Bobs has tested Dover 2013 and did not experience any issues pertaining to track performance, pit stall conflicts and graphic performance.

Single File Restarts

• Beginning Season 29 all All ASR series will institute the single file rule. This rule is being instituted to reduce cautions immediately after a restart. The Gen6BR15 will institute this rule for the 2021 season. The rule consists of the following:
When there is less than 10 laps to and a caution is brought out all lap down cars will have to enter pit road on the second lap of the caution and at least perform a drive through on pit road. The lucky dog will still have to speed through pit road to get a lap back.

Enforcement of cautions

• All administrators must be vigilant in the enforcement of the claim the caution rule. We are not looking to place blame but only claim the caution.

Billy Bob's Server

Due to the partnership of ASRacing and Billy Bob's Race Server we will be including all changes in the meeting of the Stakeholders.

Restarting a Race
• Starting Season 7 there will be no restarting a race if a caution comes out before the 1st lap is completed.

Early Season Provisional point system (ESP)
• Early Season Provisional system will be used for drivers not in attendance of Races 1&2. The Early Season Point system will be as follows: The ESP will be determined by the last place position of the drivers whom competed that night minus 10 points. After the 2nd race of season 7 then the conventional provisional point system will in effect.