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2020 GEN6 BR15 rules changes

Gen 6 BR15 series Format @ ASRacingN2k3 for the 2020 RACE SEASON

First, understand that there are two point systems to follow now -- CHAMPIONSHIP AND PLAYOFF POINTS.

Under this format, races will consist of three stages, with championship implications in each stage.

The amount of drivers that start in the race for that night will determine how many positions will get additional championship points:

1-10 drivers top 3 get championship points
11-15 Drivers top 4 get championship points
16-20 Drivers top 5 get championship points
21 and above top 6 get championship points

The additional championship points will be based on the car count mentioned above, the points by position for each stage (1+2)will be:
Position Additional points
1 5
2 4
3 3
4 2
5 1

If a race starts with 20 or more then the Championship Points for each stage will be as follows:
Position Additional points
1 6
2 5
3 4
4 3
5 2
6 1

The winner of the first two stages of each race will receive one PLAYOFF POINT, and the overall race winner will receive five PLAYOFF POINTS. Each PLAYOFF POINT will be added to a driver's reset total following the 26th

race, should that competitor make the playoffs.

The race winner will receive 40 CHAMPIONSHIP POINTS and second place will collect 35 CHAMPIONSHIP POINTS, with third place earning 34 CHAMPIONSHIP POINTS. That number decreases by one CHAMPIONSHIP POINT per position. The

driver who finishes 35th receives two CHAMPIONSHIP POINTS, with any driver finishing 36th or worse scoring one CHAMPIONSHIP POINT.

If a driver wins both stages and the overall race, they will score a maximum of 50 CHAMPIONSHIP POINTS for the event. Additionally, there will be no bonus points awarded for leading a lap or leading the most laps.

ASRacingN2K3 is still a win-and-you’re-in system when it comes to making the playoffs. Also, winning the regular season CHAMPIONSHIP POINTS battle will carry a mighty reward as it comes with 15 PLAYOFF POINTS toward the

start of the 10-race playoff.

The GEN6BR15 Series will permit 14 drivers into the playoffs. If fewer winners than playoff spots, the rest of the grid will be filled via CHAMPIONSHIP POINTS. All Drivers must Have raced at least 20 Races by the end of

our regular 26 race season. If any driver has less than 20 races by the end of the season they must finish the season in the top five in regular season points to qualify.

The ASRacingN2K3 playoffs will be called just that. Once the playoffs begin, each participant will have their CHAMPIONSHIP POINTS reset to 2,000, plus any accumulated PLAYOFF POINTS added to that total. To advance through

the playoffs, winners automatically move on, with the rest of the grid filled by CHAMPIONSHIP POINTS.

The second round of the Cup playoffs will begin with every driver reset to 3,000 CHAMPIONSHIP POINTS. However, the remaining playoff drivers will once again have their accumulated PLAYOFF POINTS from both the regular

season and first round applied to their base total.

Playoff points take effect during the Playoffs:

Playoff points are added to a championship-contending driver’s reset points total at the start of every round of the Playoffs until they are eliminated from championship contention.

If a driver accumulates playoff points during the regular season, but does not qualify for the Playoffs, their playoff points are eliminated from the scoreboard.

At the last race of the Playoffs, playoff points are off the table and the Championship 4 drivers enter the “winner-take-all” race all even.

How the points are reset:

GEN 6 BR15 Cup Series:
– First round: 2,000 points + playoff points
– Second round: 3,000 points + playoff points
– Third round: 4,000 points + playoff points
– Championship 4: 5,000 points (no playoff points added)

Beginning in The 2020 Season there will be no driver substitutions under any circumstance at any time.