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Seriously lets all put our mouths to work. I have never seen 2 leagues with a bigger rivalry other than the NFC and AFC. So Who ever is head of the IFL no and Who ever feels they are head of the MFL lets just form one big league. We could have all IFC VS MFC preseason games and all in league games can be played interconference till the Championship in the playoffs. We are both have enough teams to start one larger league. Lets make Peace between us and get this show on the road. I don't care what problems exist. Water under the bridge. The IFL has a good Management situation. We can implement an even better one with this idea.

If you don't like what i say fine. I am sick of the talk about it. Lets just get this done.
Like we all have been told put up or shut up. Lets stop talking about another league that doesn't matter. And do something to make it matter. Every one has bragging rights. When they just play a preseason game.

List your opinions its cool.