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Dirty play

This is Joe Flitcraft the head coach of the Miami County Blitz. I am writing this because the incident on Saturday. I just want everyone to know that I'm going to talk with our team at practice this week and before Saturday's game about dirty play. I did not see anything during Wabash's game that I thought was dirty. There was one incident where a Wabash player and a player of ours got into an argument and there was shoving going on. Then on the Internet a couple days later somebody is talking about being bitten and stepped on. If this actually took place I don't condone any action of the sort. I want my players to play hard but play fairly. During last year's Wabash game we lost our starting quarterback due to a late hit. The late hit broke our quarterback’s hand. (The play was also flagged as a late hit). He is a doctor and knew that right then. However we did not go on to the Internet and start accusing Wabash of being dirty. Injuries are partly game I understand that and I hope everyone else does as well. For those of you that don't know me I am a C4 quadriplegic. Roughly that means I'm paralyzed from the neck down. So I all well know about injuries. So I hope that no one has an injury serious or nonserious. Because I know all too well the consequences. As I said before I'll talk to my players but I am asking the other coaches and general managers to talk to their players as well. We don't need guys going at other people's knees and trying to purposely injure someone. That is not what the game is about and that is not why we play. I hope everyone continues to have a good season. And if you do have a problem with my team contact me at,
Thank you very much
HC Miami County Blitz
Joe Flitcraft

Also Blitz players please don't respond to accusations brian & I will take care of the situation.