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Desperate Request for game

I know this may be a ridiculous request, but as of this evening the Belleville Giants informed the Miami Valley Warriors that they would not be traveling to us for the game this Saturday. Despite the fact we spoke with them on Monday to confirm they were coming, their owners voted on Tuesday and decided not to make the trip due to financial reasons(then waited until this evening to communicate the decision). We have already paid for the field in advance(nonrefundable), purchased concessions(many of which are perishable), scheduled referees and promoted the game in the community. I am almost laughing as I ask, but would any team be willing to fill this 7pm Saturday kickoff slot for us? If so please PM me contact information and I will contact you ASAP. This type of thing is what has me constantly questioning why I continue to invest so much time and $ into this level of ball, but the fact of the matter is I love the game and just wish individuals who do not have the $ or resources to field a competitive team would stop wasting the time of those of us who attempt to do things correctly.
Brent Lewis
Miami Valley Warriors