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Hello everybody in the land of Supa.

I would just like to say good luck to all the players in the IFL in their season openers. I hope you all have a safe game with only a few injuries to a couple of people i dont like. But on a side note think about all the fun we could have if the moon was really made out of cheese. I also want to thank everbody for the cards i received after my bad crash on nascar 07. I am ok and will be able to play this season. To be continued...

Welcome back. I will talk to you about the three rules of football. 1. Play your hardest. 2. Act like you have been succesful before. 3. Dont get hurt. Except the few people i dont like can get hurt. 4. Don't mess up and if you do forget about it untill later that night when you are cutting yourself for how pathetic you are. 5. HAVE FUN!. (sorry that period isn't suppose to be there.) i should just delete it. nope to far up there now, no going back.
Good night all.