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Week two..

Ahh, week two. The week when teams begin to START separating. Some good teams are at 0-2 and some usual suspects are at 2-0, while the pack at 1-1 are in a mystery right now.

Looks like last years Champs of the Broncos and Dragons are meaning to keep thier Championship status, and neither are ready to give it up to upstart teams said to be able to knock them off this year...with the Dragons besting the improved Cutters, and the Bronc's coming back in true championship form in the 4th to snatch victory from the Crush.

We'll see what lies ahead in week 3, but for now...Ida wants to know what big plays your teams encountered in week two.

Again send the Team, play, yardage, and player (s) involved and if there was a score or not to

Ida said it!