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Take a moment today and remember

Today is September the 11th and we all know what this means to all of us some people get hit harder on this day due to the loss of a loved one. We all have different feelings on this day. I am a fulltime fireman so this day to me always brings to thought the families of the firefighters and police officers who died on this day 6 years ago just doing what we do everyday. When you have our jobs you leave for your 24 hours shift and you really don't know if you will be coming home or not, but it is what we choose to do for a living and we do it because we want to help those in need and make a difference and we understand the risks involved. So take a moment today and say a prayer for everyone who protects us everyday and remember all the young men and women serving abroad to protect our freedom. If you see a service man or woman tell them thank you.
Also remember this game we all love can be dangerous as well and say a prayer for the young man in Buffalo who was injured on Sunday doing what he loved to do playing this great game.I know maybe not what this message board was meant to be but today I think we should all just remember and never forget Spetember 11th 2001