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To the DC Warriors and the IFL,
It is a sad day that I have to make this announcement. I am having mixed emotions due to the fact that it is also a happy moment for me in my life.
I have been a head coach in semi pro football for 11 years and I am announcing today that the run is over. I am shutting down the team and I am no longer going to be able to coach.
For 11 years I have had the goal of becoming the head coach of a High School football program. 2 weeks ago this goal was reached. I have been named the Head Football Coach at Union City Community High School. It is due to this fact that I am not going to have the time or energy to run a semi pro organization the way it should be ran and the way we have ran our organizations in the past. So instead of watching it flounder I have decided it is time for me to step away with the great memories I have of the teams I have coached in the past.
I know there will be alot of guys upset and angry with this decision (there might be alot of guys happy about it too) but I have to do what is best for my life and my family. To those of you that are angry I hope that somewhere deep inside you are a little bit happy for me since I have reached a goal in my life. If you are not then you probably never cared about me in the first place.
This decision was to big to reach on my own. So yes Tony Evans and Chris Grote were involved in this decision. It was tough for them as well, but they are also going to be helping me build a program in Union City.
If anyone is interested in trying to put together a team of their own in our area I will definately be available to help them with advice and give them all of the information they need to have success running a team.
To everyone I have coached and come in contact with over the past 11 years I am truly thankful to you all. I will always cherish the friendships I have made and I hope that the friendships I have made will last a lifetime.
If anyone would like to discuss this further please fell free to call me. (765) 584-7889

Keith Maloy
Former Head Coach Darke County Warriors
Current Head Coach Union City Community High School

Re: Announcement

coach good luck this year

duce, get ahold of me i still wanna play for the warriors i think we should keep it going and i wanna help. call me anytime 765 691 0017

Re: Announcement

Congrats coach! I am happy for you and your family and I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the past 3 years playing for you and the warriors. It was a great run coach. I wish the best for you in your new head coaching job... go kick some butt!

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Congratulations and Good Luck to you as you begin a new effort.

You played in the old dome, perhaps you can make it to the new one.


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coach... its been great. i'll always take your words when you said semi pro is about the friendship and comraderie. and you were absolutely right. anyways congrats on the new head coaching position. us piqua boys will have to come watch the first game since our season starts a week after indiana's. and if you ever need an assistant coach when i graduate college...

good luck maloy. love ya coach

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Congrats on your coaching job! I won't expect anything less than a stubborn football team. It will be fun to keep up with it. Congrats, good luck, God Bless, and thank you.

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Though this is a rough day for the Warriors I would like to say Good Luck in the HS ranks. We were looking forward to a possible pre-season matchup with the warriors. But in hindsight I know that this will leave a lot of guys from the area out of a team. Feel free to contact me directly or anyone with the team either through the message board or the website.

Again I do not want to take anything away from what coach Miloy has been able to do and I think that he has done what only few coaches are able to do and that is use experience to move up in the rankings!!!

Andrew Davis
Offensive Co-Ordinator, Miami County Vikings

Re: Announcement

Maloy I bet you were crying when you typed this, not because you were sad about leaving, but sad because you just finished your third cheeseburger and now you are all out. But really it was a pleasure playing for you and the rest of the warrior/rage. Get ahold of me sometime so i can let you know how much better Ohio is better than Indiana in wrestling.


Re: Announcement

there is an extra better because we are twice as good

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You have not been updated. I have lost 60 pounds since Sept. I no longer eat cheeseburgers.

Keith Maloy

PS All I have to say is CLASS WRESTLING !!!!!

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USA Wrestling magazine Individual ALL CLASS RANKINGS Ohio 23 top ten 4 number 1. Indiana 3 top ten 0 number one. Top national ranked team St. Paris Graham Ohio.

Re: Announcement

Congrats on all counts, Beef.

I have great confidence that you will exceed the success of last year @ Union City and will have no problem besting the record of the mediocre-at-best Saulmon administration. And of course we all hope that the IFL title will be worth at least as much as the many Tri-Eastern conference titles to come.

I'll have to add Indians games to my predictions this fall- should be interesting.

We all hope, also though, that you'll use this opportunity working with impressionable youth to develop a more nuanced and thoughtful discursive style. Everyone likes honesty, but even the folks in Randolph County appreciate considered and respectful communication. I am sure that the kinder, gentler (but no less disciplined or serious) Beef will serve the high school kids well.

Congrats, too, on dropping the extra pounds. We'll have to start calling you lean Beef or something.

Re: Announcement

Haha supa we will have to call him veggie burger now or something along those lines.... I'd like to personally thank coach malloy for getting me addicted to this semi pro deal and I can't wait to watch him coach those kids their first game of the season.