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New Messageboard/Site

There is a new messageboard (for now) and a site is in the works. The Semi Pro Network plans to do a weekly show for semi pro news and run a professional messageboard that is moderated and maintains order. There is a forum for every state, classifieds, and event forums. Please feel free to go signup for the board and be on the look out for the main site.

Re: New Messageboard/Site

You have to check this out it is nice all messageboards made into one!!!!!!!!

Nice thinking!!!!

Re: New Messageboard/Site

Did you say moderated and maintains order?!

That would definitely draw some interest. I think people get tired of a lot of the anonymous smack-talk and bashing that gets posted on here.

This board does have its good qualities but Supa's refusal to either display IP addresses or require user registration only further demeans the efforts of those who'd like to see this brand of organized football shake it's thug like image.