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fuel team

watch out the fuel are coming

Re: fuel team

Good, maybe this will lower the outrageous price of gas!

Re: fuel team

Would it be the Fuel IS coming?

What's up with all these teams having singular names now? What ever happened to the good ol' fashion animal names, like the BobcatS, or BearS, or BadgerS? BADGERS? We don't need no stinkin' BADGERS!!

You can always use a good Cougar every now and again...if ya' know what I mean.

Re: fuel team

I agree, I don't like team names such as the Crush, Shamrock, Riot, Fuel, Blitz. Then again, I don't like NFL team names used in semi-pro (although I'd say Patriots is the classiest haha).

Semi-pro teams should have semi-pro names, like the Dragons is pretty decent, but I like the Cutters personally, it's got some meaning behind it. It just seems like everyone either went with an NFL team, or sucked at picking out something original. I personally think the Adams County Patriots should be called the A.C. Swamp Amish.

I'd like to here what other people think their team name COULD/SHOULD be...what really describes your team or your geographical area?

Re: fuel team

OK, here's what I think everyone's name should be, based on their location. I might not get to everyone though.

Shamrock...From Elkhart, Indiana, which is the world leader in the manufacturing of mobile homes AND woodwind instruments. They could be called the ELKHART TRAILER FLUTES

Longhorns...From somewhere up north there. If anyone knows their Amish culture, you can appreciate this. They should be called the Noble County Clapers.(TRIVIA QUESTION...WHAT IS A CLAPER?)

Patriots...I am good with Swamp Amish

KC Mustangs...They are still in Amish country, BUT they are big into basketball. And quite a few Amish kids leave the church to stay in school to play basketball. They're called JO's...Jerked Over Amish. So, they would be the KC JO's.

Madison Co Pirates...with everything in that town shutting down, they should be called the Madison County Unemployed

Any team in Western Ohio...Wranglers, Vikings, Cougars. I've seen some of the women in these areas...YIKES!! They could all be called the Miami Valley Camel Toes, or West Ohio Big Un's or Mercer County Butter Faces.

South Central Broncos...Southern part of Indy...hmmm. They would be the South Central Baby' Daddies.

Indiana Generals...West side of Indy. How about the Indiana I just got shot at and my car stolen at the Lafayette Square Mallers.

All for now kids!

I'm your huckleberry!!