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Talk, Talk, Talk

I understand this is a message board and most of you are just having fun. However some of you take it personal and take it out of control with the cussing and all that crap. Talk is cheap. Thats whats wrong with most of the semi pro players today. They all talk but dont have anything to say. Im not one to run my mouth or talk trash, im just here to play the game I love. If more people would do that we would have a decent league to play in. Grow up people, untill the "big time" agent calls you and you go to the nfl, or arena then just play the game. If you are one to run your mouth, if that agent ever calls please just go, dont stick around the semi pro league and think you are the greatest because you got an offer. Untill i know your last name your nobody but someone playing playing football, a game that we all love.