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Final pree-seeson rankings

i would like to be knowing who are the toppest ranked teems in the ifl pre-season so i can watch the good games with my son please comment for me...thank you

Re: Final pree-seeson rankings

Well from what I can see the Cutters will be pretty good and every game that we play should be good for ppl of all ages....I have also heard that the Generals will be nice, the Mustangs should be good seeing how they were in the championship game a yr sure the Wranglers will be better this yr, and from what I've seen the Warriors and the Blazers will be good too....oh I cant forget the ROCK, I've seen them and they were good, I've heard the Crush bring it and they are big...hell now that i think about it....i dont think you will be able to go wrong with any games that you attend this yr.....wish you could see them all......