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Official Prediction Thread for 6/28 (POST SCORES AND DETAILS HERE, NOT BELOW)

Well folks, after weeks of tinkering and a long wait for parts no longer made, I am happy to report that the prediction machine is once again up and running. These last few months, I had wanted to get it started and let it run a bit, but as all of you know- life often gets in the way. Take solace, SupaNation- this old beast is up and running great and I am hoping for another banner year of predictions in 2008. There have (as there always seem to be) a number of changes in the offseason, too many to mention here, but it is clear that one thing remains as it always will: great teams and great football players ready to lay it on the line for the game they love.

And that, of course, is why we are here. A special request as we get this 2008 season underway: please take time to share as many details as you are willing when you post scores. The bottom line is that during the season we have more than 500 different people check this site every day- and a lot of them want to know about your game...probably more than you realize. So with that, let's get this show on the road- it's only been 7 months since my last calls!

Wayne County Wolverines @ Lima Warriors

The Warriors are coming off of what can only be called a banner season. Since the defense began to dominate and the offense started to gather steam more than 5 years ago- this has been a team on a mission. Last year was the taste of success so many had waited so long for- the regional (and indeed national) recognition they had fought so long for. Don't count on these boys to rest on their laurels, though. 2008 has already been what one would expect- just a few touchdowns scored on the stingy defense and a lot of points in the Warrior column. The Wolverines are the best team the Warriors have yet faced and bring a defense that is certain to put a bump in the Lima road. The difference, of course, is experience. The Warriors will play through the early adversity and be stronger for it.

Warriors 34
Wolverines 12

Northern Kentucky Xtreme @ Miami Valley Warriors

Two solid defenses square off in what is an important test for each team. While the Xtreme have played in a more competitive league the last several years- the Warriors have played better in each of the last few years also. The Warriors went into the 08 campaign with very high expectations and the defense has nearly lived up to them- but the offense has yet to come along. We can be sure to see a lot of ground game in this one as both teams are understaffed and underdeveloped in the passing game. Expect to see lots of turnovers and some important special teams plays as both teams try to work out the kinks in advance of the regular season. The home team gets the narrow advantage here.

Warriors 17
Xtreme 9

Chicago Wolverines @ Chicago Thunder

This game is in many ways a mirror image- to a greater degree anyway- of the game listed above. The Thunder come into this game with one of the best resumes in the MidWest- indeed in the nation. The Wolverines come into this game a member of a AAA league and a long up and down history. One constant for both teams has been tough nosed defense and that is likely to be the story on Sunday. The Thunder have the edge in terms of athletes, overall experience and leadership, but the Wolverines have a game under their belt. Look for the Thunder to lose the lead early in this one only to come back and close the door decisively. A nice beginning to that mission to "dominate in 08".

Thunder 33
Wolverines 12

Ohio Storm @ Mid Ohio Jets

The MOJ are right on track and looking every bit as scary as any of us might have thought. The defense has been stifling, the offense has come into its own and the points are lighting up the scoreboard. In a league full of teams with relatively long histories and solid resumes, the MOJ are the team to beat. Make no mistake, this team has its sights set on big things in 2008- and one can easily imagine another big time post season meeting with Lima. But the up and down Storm are first on the agenda, and the good news is that they are much improved of late. The coaching staff has been nailed down and for the first time in years they have some depth in the trenches. The bad news of course is that they face the MOJ who are bigger, faster and orders of magnitude more athletic. This one won't be the blowout that it might have been in years past, but it will not be close, either.

Jets 41
Storm 6

Indiana Titans @ Leyden Lions

Since these two MSFL teams do not get a shot at each other during the regular season, they chose to meet in the preseason. It was a good idea for both teams to have a tune-up game since neither team has had the turnout that was expected thus far. The Lions already have a game under their belt and a win on their schedule. The boys from Leyden are notoriously inconsistent and have never really had much of a home field advantage. On the other hand, the Titans are way behind schedule and understaffed and looking at playing several players out of position when they make the trip. It may not reflect the standings in the regular season, but the Lions will win the day.

Lions 26
Titans 19

That's all I've got gang. It's been a long offseason and I am glad to know we are fully underway now. It looks to be a warm weekend across the region, so make sure to get enough to drink and thank the women in your life for putting up with this crazy obsession of yours. It's a game we are all blessed to be a part of it, so don't forget that.

Go out there and make your mommas proud, boys.

Re: Official Prediction Thread for 6/28 (POST SCORES AND DETAILS HERE, NOT BELOW)

what no mention of the Generals jamboree, U have the Generals playing the Mustangs and mustangs playing Wranglers and wranglers playing Generals sound awsome to me>

Re: Official Prediction Thread for 6/28 (POST SCORES AND DETAILS HERE, NOT BELOW)

the titans and the lions went back and forth through the gamee scoreing they where 19 to 12 with a a little over a min. to go titans intercepted a pass went down and scored made 19 to 18 titans go for the win came inches short of the two points it was was a hard fought game for both teams.

Re: Official Prediction Thread for 6/28 (POST SCORES AND DETAILS HERE, NOT BELOW)

Wayne County Wolverines 14
Lima Warriors 0

Hats off to the Wolverines, they came hungry and ready to play. We had 8, yes 8 turnovers (6 fumbles and 2 interceptions). And you will not beat a pop warner team, much less a pretty good semi-pro team with an effort like that. We are off until the 12th of July when we host the West Michigan Force.

Re: Official Prediction Thread for 6/28 (POST SCORES AND DETAILS HERE, NOT BELOW)

Warriors 12
Xtreme 6

Re: Official Prediction Thread for 6/28 (POST SCORES AND DETAILS HERE, NOT BELOW)

Wayne County Wolverines 14
Lima Warriors 0

That has to be a typo

Re: Official Prediction Thread for 6/28 (POST SCORES AND DETAILS HERE, NOT BELOW)

Supa in rare form early in the season...well almost

Chicago Wolverines (NAFL) 0
Chicago Thunder (MSFL) 32

Thunder opened up with the usually run game and deep pass to go up 24-0 at half...
Key missing ingredient for the Thunder is losing their problems for kick-off but going for 2 after every score and going for it on 4th when we usually would kick a field goal.....

O-Line did their up no sacks and only 2 holding calls all game and those were from Rookies....
10-O-Linemen Dressed.....Beautiful site for us Old Folks :)

D-Fense...typical Thunder D...mulitple sacks...forcing fumbles and picking of the QB...

With Lima going down....Might open the Door for the Thunder to make the Trip back to Florida for a National Championship instead of a Bowl game

Re: Official Prediction Thread for 6/28 (POST SCORES AND DETAILS HERE, NOT BELOW)

Jets win 56-6 over the Ohio Storm.......