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All aboard

Alright, alright I'm a believer that this team is the darkhorse to win the rings!Not to stir anymore trouble for mr. howard but this team is somethin serious.Cutters and Warriors go down same week, there will be plenty said of that, but the all modest Blazers will cruise through this season and wouldn't count them out for an undefeated season...GREAT GAME!!!noway affiliated with those guys

Re: All aboard

well we appreciate you showing us some love but the IFL is a strong league with many talented teams.

i dont think you will start any trouble for me by saying what you said, but im sure there will be some people that will have some comments for you.

Re: All aboard

Yea i appriciate u realizing this early i totally agree with ur predictions, but we will still have 2 work for it...A Dustin good game but we can do alot better as a unit cya at practice, lets get ready 2 put up 60 holla....Blaze it up! Blazer 1