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Two great game in two striaght weeks

Ok semi-pro fans this is what it is all about first this weekend the Blazers travel to Indy for a 7pm game against the Generals and that will be a wild one leaving only one undefeated team in the IFL.
Then after remaining undefeated with the win over the Generals the Blazers will host the Cutters next Saturday at home at 7pm and that game will be worth the drive to Ohio to see.

Re: Two great game in two striaght weeks

Cutters are not ready for the Blazers. First off how many guys will actually make the trip. Second the Blazers are bigger & faster. Third the Cutters only do well against mediocer teams that travel with less than 20 guys. Cutter offense is not good, their defense has scored just as many points for them, and their defense gives them the short field. I would like to see the Cutters go on an 80yd drive, IT WONT HAPPEN! A few athletes on the Cutter team is not enough for the Blazers. The Cutter offense is predictable. #7, #4, #33 are going to touch the ball 85% of the time. Take them out of the picture and their offense is finished #33 hasnt been hit yet this year, but he will this week. The defense is suspect to speed. Therefore Blazers win BIG!!!! GUARENTEED!!!!

Re: Two great game in two striaght weeks

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Re: Two great game in two striaght weeks

Blazer fan you have hit it right on with that statement the Cutters are a very average team and yes they will get pounded on Saturday. Their offense is very predictable and they have no deep threat they always run the ball and once you stop the run and force them to pass they are done. The Blazers will win this game by at keast 21 points and the cry babies can get back on their charter bus and cry all the way back to Bloomington. Cutters will find out what playing a real football team feels like come 7 Saturday night.


yeah but can you stop the run

Re: Two great game in two striaght weeks

When I post on here in regard to the Indiana Cutters I always put my email address and web site on the post as well. The last post by "cutters" was not posted by me and there will not be any post on here for creating friction. The Cutters and Blazers will play a big game on Saturday the 16th and thats all there is to it, it only a game and a regular season game at that no need to say anymore about it, the winner is the winner but the season will continue. Now some people will put their feelings on here and predict the game but that is why the game is played. I'm sure it will be a fun game for the fans.

Re: Two great game in two striaght weeks

blazer fan and i do agree

this will be a great game between 2 talented teams, i appreciate the faith you have in us but anything can happen.

we are looking forward to this game very much but lets not bash other teams. we are all here to play the game we love which is football.

we look forward to seeing the cutters this saturday, please be safe on your trip to ohio

Re: Two great game in two striaght weeks

Mr. Blazer fan. I was really taken in by your post. The stats, the scouting. Even the sentence structure. Then BAM. You misspell THE VERY LAST WORD. It is guarAnteed.

Thank you.

Spell check ya later.
I'm out