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I want to thank the Wranglers for making the drive to Bloomington last night. You guys came to town ready to play and after a long delay the game finally got under way. You guys came to play and gave 110% This was one of those nights that if something could go wrong it did but also a night when everyone works together things get worked out and that is always good in the end. Last night was my most trying night since the Cutters were formed last year,and not very much fun( until the game started ) but we were successful in getting the game played. The problem was neither teams and fault. I want to thank our fans for hanging in there with us and I want to thank Bloomington North Head Coach Scott Bless for all the help that he gave us last night in regarding to securing a crew of officials to work our game.

I also want to say I hope everything checked out ok in regard to your quarterback and the Cutter team and organization hope he is fine, our prayers were with him last night. If someone from the Wranglers would please e-mail me and let me know how he is doing I would appreciate that.
Good luck to you guys the rest of the season.