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Top Teams

Now that we are halfway into the season. Who do you think are the top teams in the MFL. Try to mention a team other than the one you play for?

Re: Top Teams

the best overall team that we played in my opinon was the Ft Wayne Cardinals

Re: Top Teams

I would have to say that the Bearcats are the best team that we have played so far
The Cardinals are close to the top too.

Solomon Allen
Miami County Vikings

Re: Top Teams

hmmmmm. I wonder if the pats r any good. Must be! 5-0 And just now getting the wheels rolling. I think blitz r one of the best if they travel well all year.

Re: Top Teams

The teams in our schedule...

Bearcats - Best Rushing Attack
Partiots - Tie-Best Defense
Blitz - Tie-Best Defense
Wolverines -
Cardinals - Best Passing Attack

Best Overall - Bearcats

Now, I will be honest supposedly we saw the Patriots with their 3rd string QB, but I do think that the Cardinals are pretty tough and may be the team to do some upsetting in the playoffs if not before that.

As of right now from what I have seen and heard the top teams are:

1. Bearcats
2. Patriots
3. Stampede
4. Cardinals
5. Blitz
6. Pirates
7. Wildcats
8. Wolverines
9. Riot
10. Vikings

Though these are only current rankings with what I have seen on the message boards and such these will jumble the second half of the season.