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To my brothers who I call my family. I just wanted to let you all know as I sit here today that it was an honor to play with you guys who I now call my brothers for life. You were all complete strangers at first to me and I had to strive to hang with the best on the team. As the season progressed, there was no better or worse, we all became one single core.
From our very first pre-season game against the Kentucky Punishers, we proved as a team that Evansville would once again make a stand. Since this past week, for most of us it was the biggest game of our lives.
Although, I don't remember much after I got knocked out trying to attain the WR #5 on the Patriots and collided with my own teammate, I remember why we were there. To represent the South, Evansville, and who we are. We may not have won the whole thing, but in my eyes, we did. We won each other this season and I'm glad we lost nobody.
I have been wanting to give a small testament of how I looked at my season playing for the Ohio River Bearcats.

- It started as myself playing flag football at Metro Sports Complex and I was scouted out by Jake Neumann and Zach Tieken. I was invited to come to a team tryout. There I tried my hardest to prove I was capable of possibly holding a spot on the team. I was excited for the most part that I seen competition within the team and there were actually athletes and the team was scouted correctly. Big props!! As we practiced, we came to our first preseason game. I quit my job to play our first football game. As the season progressed, we were winning and becoming closer. We also picked up our head coach Mr. Jason Rucker who obviously knows a thing about how to run an offense, play team ball, and listen to what best suits the team as a whole. As the season progressed, I lost my seacond job because I was not going to miss out on playing at all. During this season, I devoted myself to this squad as most everybody else on this team. I woke up last Saturday morning and took the drive to load up and play the MFL championship game. I played with my brothers as a team and regardless of the outcome, we all came back together as a whole.

Now, if we all will come back together as a team next year, I cannot tell you. What I can tell you all though is during the off season, I will shape my athleticism and stay in shape. Although, I cannot say where I will be at next season with my life, I will be preparing myself as if I will be there in case I get that chance to play again.

To my team- I want you all to do me a couple of favors.

1st- Pat yourself on the back for an outstanding first season.

2nd- Stay healthy

3rd- Love your family and friends

4th- Spread the word about the Bearcats.

To other teams- Thanks for a great season and allowing me to play against you all. I had fun containing that outside. The Bearcats will be back next year and stronger than last. Keep your heads up and remember 2008.

Ohio River Bearcats



This post is what this messageboard is here for. Many of you need to take notes. Congrats to the Bearcats on an inspiring 1st season and have a great offseason.


In response.

Hell of a season Nick Wahl.

Let me tell all you guys out there that when Wahl went down injured in the 3rd quarter, he was in pretty bad shape. We had to physically stop him from getting back out on the field.

This is one player who's class and heart should never be questioned.

We we're fortunate enough to have alot of guys who were cut from the same cloth as Nick this year.

Back in February, if someone asked me how I thought we would do this year, 11 wins was nowhere near the forefront of my mind.

But as practices progressed and I got to know the guys we now call the Bearcats, I realized that we had the opportunity to make somethng special.

I love my team. And my only regret about this season is that it had to end. Because I know that we won't have the exact same group of guys next year.

New guys will come, some of the older ones will hang it up. My only hope is that when the new guys come, we can welcome them in and soon call them a part of the Bearcats family.

I wholeheartedly wish everyone out there best of luck in football and in life this offseason.

Whatever happens, please at some point thank God you get to put on a helmet and play this game. Life is fleeting and the time that we have to play ball is much shorter.

And deep down we all know that if we play the right way and try to make ourselves better for it, we will be better for it.

Thank you Nick Wahl #7 for reminding me of what it's all about


great job bearcats had a great time in all 3 games we played and i hope to see you next season


Wahl, I just wanna say its been a great season with you and everyone else. I just dont want the the last game too be you and I smashing each other (Im still bruised) But hopefully everything will play out so we can all suit up again together next season. Until then, take care man.


To the Bearcats, Nick Wahl and #1(sorry didnt catch the name) you guys are by far a great team! You guys play very well together for a first year team. Our first season here in Adams County didnt go as well as yours,(1-8). I really hope that this game wont be the last of us meeting, it was an awesome game to be a part of!! To Nick and the safety who collided just above me, I hope you guys are O.K. and can bounce right back from any serious or minor injuries. From what my teammates have told me, you guys hit head to head pretty hard. When I talk to you(Nick) after the game, you looked dazed a bit still. But the heart it took to get back in there on the next series is greatly admired. Thats a teammate/player I want on my team. Bearcats are a great team and could probably hang with anybody in either MFL/IFL. Anyways, you guys have a great future and until we meet again good luck, stay healthy and safe. C5 Chris McDonald Adams County Patriots WR #5


Are the Bearcats staying in the MFL next season?


We're not planning on moving at this time. After the beating we got last weekend we would like another shot at the Patriots. We are going to regroup, workout and practice and give it another go next year. Work hard in the off season the '09 season will be here before you know it.


Here, here!


man guys, I'm thinking about getting to 200 lbs of lean mean muscle and going for runnin back next year. when are the "tree" outs?


well i only got to see u guys play one game not to bad it was great meeting all of u personally have a great season next year and hope we play u some time