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Rumor has it there will be a game on Saturday between the Patriots and Generals! Any predictions, comments, etc.

Re: MFL vs. IFL

It is a go. The Generals will be going in a bit undermanned, but we've been that way all year...and we're game. It will be a good chance for everyone to see another good football game.

It will also be a chance for IFL people to see that what the MFL players are all about and a chance for the MFL to see what the IFL players are all about. I'm sure we'll all find out there aren't any differences, besides the uniforms.

Re: MFL vs. IFL

Yeah, this hopefully will just be a good clean game, I know a lot of guys are a little banged up after a couple hard games in a row and aren't gonna be playing, but I know we'll all have fun playing a different talented team.