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adams county patriots

adams county patriots are you staying in the mfl are moving up

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"Moving up" to where?

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To on of the leagues with competiton like the Lima Warriors, Jets, Tri-State Titans or Hardin County Wolverines.

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I will agree to move "UP" if you can cover our travel expenses and league fees.
We by no means were blowing teams out of the water this season we had 2 come from behind victories in the final 2 minutes of games this season. I also know that there will be some pretty dramatic changes in the Patriots next season as several players have expressed their interest in retiring, and or, playing closer to home.
I feel that we can and will be competitive with anybody, and look forward to the opportunity to play some of the teams you mentioned, but until the schedule can be worked out for those games to take place I see no reason to incur added expense in an already difficult economy just because someone thinks we aren't playing where thay want us to.

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How can you be a MFL Fan and tell the top team in the MFL to move on to a league with better "competition"?

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I never seen where he told anyone to do anything, he ASKED if they would be moving on. I think a similar question was asked to them last year and at the time he said he had no reason to move. After 2 undefeated seasons and a national championship I would like to see games with the mentioned teams also.

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Isn't the next Level up the IFL.

no no no no they don't want to do that.

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I don't speak for Wayne, but I think he would agree with me that this was one of the most competitive seasons the MFL has seen. Keep in mind there were 6 new teams this year out of 10 and it was still really competitive. In the last couple years there have been some decidely weak teams in the league, but I honestly think this year there were teams that just had some hiccups and growing pains. I think the capability of any team in the league was there unlike in past years. I was at the championship game and it really could have gone either way.

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OK,since your team got blew out every game,really nothing competitive your way...2 years ago was the all-around best MFL

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And the usual, anyonymous, immature posts I expect on this site.

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Once again, it arises. Listen, people are always going to dissagree on this issue but think openly and easily. No team is going to flat out say "we don't feel we can compete with teams in the IFL right now" Reasons why teams are not in the IFL.. 1. got rejected 2. If a first year team, would rather play a year in the MFL to gain experience and build thier resume if reason number 1 played out. 3. They are great firends with the league commish of the MFL, promises get made. In theory, everyone pushes thier chests out with this topic. I don't believe the cutters team of this year was that of last year. Actually, call up the Warriors and the cutters and ask them, how was the competition in the IFL compared to that of MFL. Thats how you get your answers. If the Cougars and Wranglers combine, and a couple more teams join the IFL with comparable talent, thats a tough league top to bottom. The Patriots travel and economic issues would be no worst than thier current situation in the MFL. Hell, I think the Bearcats should apply to the IFL. I've heard a reunion of the broncos may exsist?? Add that into the mix and seriously ask yourself about the comparison of competition. It's obvious current MFL participants are being true to thier words, but you cannot deny the difference. I'm not bashing the MFL here guys, just saying accept the difference and consider giving the PLAYERS an opportunity to get in something bigger. I think the MFL is great in that it accepts first year teams and gives them a chance. I remember someone from the MFL stating " At least we give these players the opportunity to play instead of shutting the door on them" Very true, A team with little experience getting thrown in with teams just rolling isn't fair either. When your losing it's not fun, generates opportunity for your team to unravel, that is not fair to the team either. All in all, I beleive this is the "Move up" inquired about. what do you have to lose? and....what do you have to gain?

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Wow, I like your analogy but in my opinion the mfl has just as much talent as the ifl. Actually the 2008 ifl champs was the 3rd best team in the mfl in 2007. The differences between leagues are the ifl reward players with an all star game at the end of the season and have fewer forfeits. We all would agree playing in the mcfl amd the nafl would be a move up for any team that plays in the mfl or the ifl.

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I don't know much about the IFL or the NAFL, but the MCFL is a good league. I was with the Evansville Vipers last year and although we got only played 3 or 4 games in that league, we got our butts handed to us.

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the mcfl is one of the best in the country.

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hey toledo, get ahold of me when you get the chance....i want to talk to you about a few number is 260-443-2321...i'm expecting at least 8 to 10 prank calls with this so i can laugh so i'll be waiting....but the fact of the matter for the patriots is this....we do not know where we stand at for next year....i know that personally i might call it quites depending on how my knee feels and several other factors....but i still want to be involved somewhat in the far as a lot of talent from out team from fort wayne....i have heard some rumors that some people might not be coming back....don't quote me on this i haven't had the chance to talk to most of the guys....but if that's true then that's a huge core of our talent gone.....and that in itself would be a good reason not to move up....cuz it would just not be the same team without certain key players in my opinion....but all in all the patriots have much to discuss for the next season and what all of our future plans are as a until then can we just let this rest...we as a team have enough issues at hand coming up to figure out what we want to do.....

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haha dont worry about that bill.. hes to much of a puss anyway to mention who he is or even what team he plays for.. next year will be a total turn around for the wolverine organization..

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Toledo, In my post I stated that I "don't believe" meaning I could be wrong but I doubt the fact that the Cutters were the same team this year than they were last year. In fact it has been no secret that they picked up talent that impacted them imediately. So for last years sake, is last years sake. Infact, going off of your statements, since they were the third best team in the MFL last year, since they won the IFL this year...does that mean the MFL is stronger than the IFL? I think anyone with common sense, and he who can exhale the air out of thier chest on this particular subject would believe in that not. Yes the IFL does have the All-Star game which is fantastic...but ask any team in the IFL, there is just something more. I would like to see the cutters or Warriors give thier take on the IFL. And I do agree, those other leagues would be a step up, but to have a league like this...with the relatively close travel, and competition across the hard to find. All i'm saying is that for the more well put together teams of the MFL, Challenge yourselves. The Patriots especially...would fit well in the IFL, not saying your run has been easy by any means, but in the IFL it would be more of a challenge.

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I am rather new to semi pro football so I don't know much of the history. How did the IFL come to be?

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NAFL is pretty good to and from what i heard the GIFA has a pretty good plan too.

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So Why isnt there any teams that are ranked in the country from the ifl. I seen a couple teams from the mfl ranked. Why is the ifl not represented in the top 50 in the county????

To Hulk

Once upon a time, there was a league called the GRFL (Grass Roots Football League). It began with a mere 4 teams. The league was created in I believe 1994 by a man named Ira Johnson who also served as Commissioner.

Ira was followed by his son Kevin Johnson, who renamed the league to the FFL (Federal Football League)in 1998.

After Kevin Johnsons' retirement in 2001, the league split into two new leagues, the CRFL (Cross Roads Football League) and the MFL of today (Midwest Football League).

A group of teams from the MFL left the league to form the IFL. Folks have been arguing since over which league is better.

A bit of trivia:

After the regular season of 2001, a game was played between the CRFL Champion - South Bend Stampede and the MFL Champion - Allen County Xplosion.

The FFL featured an expansion team in 1998 (I believe) called the Kosciusko County Grizzlies. The Grizzlies later relocated to Elkhart becoming the Elkhart County Grizzlies. The core of the team later created the team known as the South Bend Stampede. The founder, owner and QB for that team was Paul DiGiacomo. P.D. is now heading up the upstart Stampede team.

A Wide Receiver on that team, was a guy named Brian Hendricks. Brian is now an Assistant and I believe the O.C. for the Indiana Generals.

A Defensive stalwart on that team was a guy named Harold "Hit the gym suckas" Frazier. Frazier has lined up as a Central Ohio Lion, Shamrock and now appears set to do a little coaching action.

The Head Coach for the Xplosion was a guy named Menzie. Menzie is now Head Coach of the Cardinals.

Everything is a big circle

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DeHill thanks for the information. I had been wondering.

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Not to mention ya'll, D. Hill was one of the best wideouts in the game in the FFL and CRFL with the Chiefs. He was tenacuious at blocking, and you couldnt throw a ball he didnt catch.

I played against them and lost in a Championship game in 2002 as the Grizzlies, we them traded the ring over in 2003 When I was on the Stampede.

He Asst. coached the Pirates with his brother Dane in 2004-05, That same year, I played on the Pirates at wr.
Dane also played back with the Anderson Packers.
Dane also played WR.

A teamate of Danes' is now co worker of mine.

It goes on and on, but MAN I have the opportunity to meet, play with - against allot of great people who were all pro long before and after they left the football field.

Also, just found out that Wayne Wolf was a member of the 2000 Del Co Thunder team that In a previous post I mentioned came up and played us as the Grizzlies in Elkhart with 12 total guys.

Ya gotta love this game, or die tryin!


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Dane, I'm not trying to nit-pick, but didn't the IFL come from the CRFL, which folded after one or two seasons?
While you are absolutely correct about everything going full circle, I just want to make sure that all the facts are laid out straight.
I also played in the FFL when the split occured. The MFL, and the CRFL were formed from that split.( I played for the Delaware County Thunder in the MFL, then due relocating and travel costs, began playing for the M.C. Cougars during their first year in the CRFL.)
I believe it was a dispute about the way the league (FFL) was going to be run that caused the split in the first place. If I remeber right, the split was almost down the middle with half going one way and half going the other.

I have stated here before that I have nothing against any league who is giving player the opportunity to play football when they wouldn't otherwise have the chance. All of this "my league is better than yours" bullshit should really stop. Each team needs to make whatever decision they feel is best for their organization to be able to play and be competitive. If any league were truly run as bad as some unknown idiots make it out to be, why would ANY team play in it or new ones want to join it year after year? Why is it that people need to be on here and put down one league because they want to make another look better? Yet, when you introduce logic or facts regarding a subject, a lot of people get quiet... for a minute or until they start some new controversy. When you read through most of the threads on here, the people who do the most bitching, are the ones who won't post their name or any team affiliation. The players that do identify themselves are typically trying to hype their own team but usually don't do it by trashing another. The rest are just idiots trying to start shit and piss people off.
I don't see a lot of team owners or league mangement dogging anybody out, is that because they understand what it takes to run a team, or a league for that matter?
All leagues have the same problems, refs that don't do the job the way somebody thinks they should, teams that forfeit games, management that doesn't act fast enough to make somebody feel better about something.
Trust me, I have had the oportunity to speak with reps from several different leagues and teams around the country, the shit dosn't change a lot no matter where you go. The only difference is that most of them don't get on a website to air their dirty laundry, or use one to start shit for the sake of starting shit.
Most of the players on my team don't know anything about this site, and I gaurantee you that almost none of my fans or sponsors do either, there is a reason for that. This is called "MINOR LEAGUE", "SEMI-PRO", or "ADULT AMATEUR" football for a reason. If most people knew what happened behind the scenes they wouldn't want anything to do with it and we can only blame ourselves for that!
My unsolicited advice to all,
Be happy that you have a league to play in, a team to play or cheer for, and just enjoy football that is being played simply for the love of playing football.

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Yeah, the good ole days right? That trip to Elkhart was one of the longest drives home I've ever had after a game. If I remember right, that game took like 5 hours to play, not really but it seemed like it, we started with 12 players then like 5 minutes into it, one of our linemen tore his achilles tendon and was done. Y'all had a HUGE O-tackle and tightend tandem that kicked my ass all day long. Of course it probably wasn't that hard after the first quarter. The one regret that I have is that in all the time I played I don't think I ever faced the Chiefs. Unless they played in the Jamboree when I was with the short lived Henry County Hurricanes, the greatest team that never got to play a real game!!!
The idiots that ran that group were strit A-HOLES!!!!

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Also, two players from Fort Wayne that were on the South Bend Stampede team, started the Indiana Cardinals.

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The IFL was created through teams of the MFL. John Bushman founded the LaGrange County Longhorns where we played one season in the MFL. After a dissapointing league mis-managed season, Coach wanted to create a league that would minimize mistakes and be built for the players. The All Star game was something special put forth to aknowledge players for thier efforts. The Longhorns, Generals and Broncos left the MFL to form the IFL. The Darke County Warriors (formerly the Randolph County Rage) was the only GRFL or FFL team to join the IFL. The cougars were added as was the Wranglers. I don't mean to talk smack about the MFL as this was quite some time ago, but I was with coach many times while he was on the horn with the "League commish" trying to sort issues out. Nothing ever got done nor did he realistically have many phone conversations with him because he could never reach him or get calls returned. I've stated this once before, I know there were a lot of issues coach had with how things were handled but I think the icing on the cake for him was when coach finally got a call back from the head of officials the night before the game to confirm thier showing up. The official stated the "League Commish" was supposed to have called him about them not coming. Coach then called the "League Commish" and asked why he wasn't informed. He was told "I don't know". when asked what he was supposed to do about officals so his team could play, he was told "I guess you need to find some officials or don't play". This was a home game for us and the visiting team was not contacted about this issue until coach called them shortly after. Thus, the IFL was born. I happened to be there during this situation and I recall how upset coach was, probably why I remember it so well. I beleieve there are two groups of individuals who get under your skin wolf, there are those who weren't in the MFL during the split and just want to see your team compete with the teams in the IFL. The other group played in the MFL and knows the issues and problems that took place during that time. The creation of the IFL was not due to temptaion of power, it was honestly a coach's passion to make a League that put the players first. and no, the All-Star game is not the only difference. Things change every year though, the MFL i'm sure is not the same as it was when I played in it. My bad, I only meant to correct you about it being the MFL that split up.

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Maybe the Pats could move to the Powder Puff division.

Adams County Patty-Cakes ---The fighting fluffies

Owner Wayne Weasel

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Man I've been waiting for your very smart remarks. I will be sure to let you know when try outs are! I am sure you are a great athlete!!

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You will never know! Chump? why would I try out for a bunch theives. you can't win without earl.

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Man, I didn't think this would draw any responses. I've got several.

First, Hendricks, good to hear from you man but I am Dane. Darryl is "D.R." Hill. You still working with LB #55?

Wolf - Man, I did not know that you suited up with the Hurricanes. For the record on that, while some other teams would not play them, the Chiefs did. The game was played at our place.

Hopefully you saw Hemi's response on the IFL origins. He is correct. I was hoping that someone from a "charter IFL team" would jump in.

You are correct that the split was about even on the teams. If I remember correctly:

2002 CRFL teams were as follows:
Indianapolis All-Stars
Madison County Chiefs (later became Pirates)
Miami Valley Panthers (aka Warriors now)
Randolph County Rage (aka the Darke County Warriors)
Shelby County Outlaws
South Bend Stampede
South Central Broncos

The All-Stars were expelled partway in 2002. The Central Ohio Lions and Mercer County Cougars were added in 2003.

2002 MFL teams were:
Allen County Xplosion
Delaware County Thunder
Hendricks County Generals
Wabash County Express
Morgan County Broncos

Something tells me that my memory is a little fuzzy on the Cougars and Broncos situations. I believe however that each team had some internal conflicts and split in two. The Cougar situation had to do with Zeb Sutton. The Bronco situation involved Merco Heitberg and Rick Foxworthy. I believe that the S.C.Broncos failed to post league fees and were released in that 2002 inaugural year.

After the 2003 CRFL season, the Rage left the CRFL and joined the IFL and the Outlaws folded. I believe that the COL next left due to wanting more competition and a larger league. They were followed by the Stampede. The Cougars were next to join the IFL. Ultimately, it left 2 teams, the Chiefs and Panthers. Obviously, no league can exist with 2 teams.

Hemi - thanks for the clarification on the IFL's formation.

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I know there are as many different reasons for the split as there were teams involved, I'm always glad to hear different sides to the story though. It all seems like a lifetime ago, and never thought I needed to take notes when all the stuff was going down. I just wanted to play football. Thanks guys.

Smart Guy- dude, you are an idiot. Funny, but an idiot none the less. The only thing that we have stolen is some peoples ability to view our team objectively. I guess that's what happens when you become successful. The target on you extends to infinity and anybody that wants to take cheap shots, can. That's really alright though.
Like I have said to all the other anonynous fools that want to post shit, if you can't own up to your opinion by posting your name, you really don't count. We will be sure to extend a special invite to you next season. You want to see a good football game, come watch.

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Coach Hill

I drive down there for a season and you couldnt find a way to fit me in there

I can tell everyone that if you did not get an opportunity to play for Coach Hill you missed out
And its good to see you pop in from time to time to give people some much needed insight

Now mind you the following info is coming from the player still bouncing around inside of me and not the now coach that has taken

Wow.....all this time wayne I did not know you played and now have a new found respect for you.....also good to know that we shared the same field and I prob had an opportunity to put foot to butt against
although it sounds like you played d end and I was a guard...but i can say I was an equal opportunity o-lineman so I might have put one on

Unfortunately not everyone earned that respect....If only Beef would have put on the
Hopefully he is doing good at coaching the high school level because I dont think they let you switch conferences till you win a

And I cant end this without a shout out to Coach B....we go back to the viper days and your old behind goes back even further

And I def have to tell my dogs from the FORT to keep ballin over there....we miss yall

-Coach Bell

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C-Bell (Bigdog66),

WHAZZUP MAN! I'm sure glad to see you're still around, alive and kickin'. I tell ya man, it DID occur to me to bring up the 2001 Championship Game just for you .

For others, I am a big proponent of "everything starts up front". The CRFL featured some outstanding Offensive Lines. The COL, MVP, and the Broncos all had great lines but the Stampede... truly MASSIVE! I'm thinking you guys averaged what... 6'3", 330? Wasn't the LTs' name Arnett? As I recall, about 6'6" 340.

Sure glad I don't have to try to gameplan against that anymore.

C.B. who are you with now?

DeHill Out

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I knew you had prob typed something about that ship and prob deleted it...haha

TY for those props coach....I like to think the best thing about the o-lines I was on was not just our size although we were usually small at center was the the technique we were able to add....we always had good feet and hands which always help...and you were quick enough to pull and tried to do alot of it...haha

Yup that was Chad...he was my tackle...if i could ever get him back out I could have/may dust the pads off..

Im still Coaching for the Shamrock...
I had alot going on early this season so I couldnt put in the time initially but as long as theres guys that want to learn I will teach what I know
It was def a rough year and there was a few times I kicked around giving you a ring for some

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Beef did play at Anderson University. I got the pleasure of beating up on him for one or two years. I have to agree with Bell, playing for Dane was a pleasure. From his way of explaining things "Putting two thumbs in" to his dedication to the game. I will always miss that.

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The things you remember .

#60 and #40? As "The Tuna" would say, one of the best "lunch pail" guys to play for the Chiefs, Broncos, Tornados. One of the most dedicated cats I have ever known. Did you ever reprise your "sliding TD"?

You still raising up them boys for future spouses for Ernies girls?

Are you done now, or planning a cameo?