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Who filmed the all star game?

Whoever filmed the All Star game today I would really appreciate a copy of the game. It was my last game and has my only touchdown catch in my career on it.

My address is
801 McKinley RD.
St. Marys, OH 45885

CELL: 419-733-0274

Let me know how much I would owe you for it.

Re: Who filmed the all star game?

yes i have the same request whoever taped the game if you could mail or email me the game it would be greatlly appreciated, num 85 from the the red team for the crush.

cameron d johnson
1831 wagoner ct
fort wayne,in 46804


phone 260-438-6711

and pls aslo let me know how much i would owe you for it

Re: Who filmed the all star game?

Does anyone know who filmed the all Star game and know how I can contact him?