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K.C. Mustangs,
I was curious if I could possibly come back and play with you in the '09 season. I am a very good kicker, as long as my hammy's are stretched out :) But please consider my re-instatement. I have heard how much Sid misses me and I miss him the same, so please please reunite Sid and I on a fairy-tale majical carpet ride of a football season, Yours truely....Tom Martinez, AkA. Stripper Kicker

Re: Mustangs

P.S. Tell Mikey I miss him much. xoxo

Re: Mustangs

In order go back you must pet Mikes foo-man-choo.

and sing (I be stroking)

I stroke it to the east
I stroke to the west
I stroke to the QB who's balls I love best
I be stroking.

Re: Mustangs

Are you Glue-Stangs ever going to win a IFL championship (or) What?

How does it feel to get beat by a team that sells THONGS? maybe y'all should sell Tampons & Maxipads.

Re: Mustangs

man your just hilarious! u ever consider standup comedy?? well have fun smart assr