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Darrin Douhtit

All friends of Darrin Douhtit, Dale is throwing a bachlor party for him this saturday @ 11 pm @ the Voge. If you have any questions please contact Dale at 443-9538.

Re: Darrin Douhtit

He is finally settling down?

Re: Darrin Douhtit

wow with that one lil lady cant remember her name to save my life..ok Darrin man if you read this congrats bro. she is a very nice lady man and tell her again thank you for what she did for me during the cards game bro. g/l to you both. 1 question though. between ya, you guys prob have about 10 kids, ya gonna have more together....?......lololololol j/k bro. g/l with the generals

Da Rican...aka frankenstein!