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Hope schedules this year are fan friendly

Ok every year around this time rumors start flying all over the place and this year is no different. I want to make a statement and guy you can either take it serious or not but the truth is the truth.
When making out the schedules for the various leagues it is always easy to say lets divide into two divisions and play a round robin schedule, what happens in this instance is we the fans get cheated and quite frankly because of selfish reasons semi-pro football suffers. Yes times are tough and travel can be a drag but come on give the fans what they want to see rivals battling it out every week fans in the North getting to see the teams from the South. Why anyone would want to play a cheesy schedule and not have anything count until the play-offs is beyond me. This happens in most leagues and there are always the teams that like to be the ones with all the right ideas and refuse to listen.
If you are playing a ten game season and you have to travel and couple hours twice is that asking to much??? I don't think so and everyone benefits from it fans see better football and your teams get to see all the stadiums. Stop cheating yourself, your fans, and your leagues, do away with divisions and play the game.
Look at what the Tornados did last year they traveled their butts off and were not afraid to play anywhere thats what it is all about and it in my mind helped them win that National Championship.

Re: Hope schedules this year are fan friendly

Well much of what you have said is very true, some teams always try to shift the schedule in their favor by making it seem that they can't travel and if the league makes them travel they can't make it. I short that is just plain BS if you are this far along and are planning on fielding a team travel to a couple game won't kill you. I for one would have to agree I always like the leagues that offer each team the chance to play each other at least once during the regular season then use seeding to determine who plays who in the play-offs. It is the BEST way to go not only for a league but the fans as well.