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place to play

I just want to say thanks to the teams in the MFL for supporting me and the decision I made. I am sorry I have put the schedule in a bind. Like some of the guys said on the other posts, it probably was the economy and players were scared to put the money in it and not feel the benefit. All of the players that have decided to come to practices and be dedicated were players that have played semi-pro before and knew what it takes to have and build a team.

I just want to give praise for my teammates for sticking together and still wanting to play this season for a different team and basically starting over. So after thinking about different teams and leagues we all decided to stay together and we are proud to announce that we are joining the Ohio Force. So with the 5-6 guys joining the Force we hope to help out anyway we can. I also want to thank the Force for excepting us will open arms and showing some incredible sportmanship.

We had a great practice today and I think it will be an even better season!