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Did the Tri-State Titans Fold?

This is posted on the bearcats website?

The Bearcats have added several players from the former Tri-State Titans organization. These players will add speed and size to an already good Bearcats team. Chris Cooke, Sergio Rodriguez, and Yusuf McNeely will all add their expertise to the offensive line while Carliss Falls, Ray Everhart, Andrew Hope and George Madison among others

Re: Did the Tri-State Titans Fold?

wow, this is a shocker to me, the website has taken them off and the schedule has been revised so i would say its safe to say that they are not fielding a team this year...looks like one team just go a whole lot better....MFL might wanna look out, could be a shift in power...good luck, just make sure you do right by your new family and make them feel like they belong there, like they had been there all along and im sure you guys will do alot of damage....wish would could play you guys

Re: Did the Tri-State Titans Fold?

Yes the Tri State Titans did fold. Several of their players have been practicing with us for a couple of weeks. The new Bearcats are fitting in very well and bring tons of skill and experience. We have also made a field change in the offseason. We will be playing our home games at Reitz High School in Evansville. It is a great facility and provides a much better location for us. Stay healthy and good luck to all teams out there.

Jake Neumann
Ohio River Bearcats

Re: Did the Tri-State Titans Fold?

Jake, allow me to add to this since I was the
Tri-State Titans GM...

Let me start by saying that the GMFL is a wonderful league and Mr. McCormick and his staff were great to work with as both a General Manager and player. I would advise any Semi-Pro team looking for a league in the future to consider the GMFL in their discussions. Additionally, I want to apologize to the teams that I worked with during my time as GM leading up to the 2009 season. I had no idea that these events were going to happen in this manner. That being said, in the end there was nothing the GMFL or anybody else could have done to prevent the demise of the Tri-State Titans organization in 2009.

Financially speaking the Titans were in good standing with the league and had contracted and put money down with officials and both a practice and game field for 2009.
It was the decision of the Tri-State Titans owner, Elton Funches, to pull the plug on the 2009 and I assume future seasons. I as GM had represented the team in many phases and in front of many groups both in and outside or the Evansville community. I was not pleased with the decision, but understood his reasons. At the end of the day, only one man signs the checks and that was not me. When that man wants to pull the plug, there was not much many of us could do.

And then there was light.....
It is a good thing that we have another option for the 15 or so former Tri-State Titans starters who still want to play…..

I want to thank Jake, Zach, and the rest of the Bearcats family for allowing us to join up for the 2009 season and going forward into the future. As a result of these events, I am now a player on the Premier Semi-Pro Football Team in Southern Indiana. I am putting everyone on notice that when you play the Ohio River Bearcats in 2009, you will finally face an Evansville area Semi-Professional Football team where the talent is united under one flag for the first time in many years!