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Looking for a knee brace

I was wondering if any has a donjoy or breg style brace for the right knee. i know alot of guys get them and after a year or so dont use them i have one for my left knee but i need one for my right now. if someone does and doesnt need or use it please email me and we can exchange some info. im 6`3 290 so what ever size that is im guessing its a xxl

Re: Looking for a knee brace

I know it's probably more than you are wanting to spend right now, but if all else fails, Football America now carries the Donjoy braces. They are charging about $500 for them. But it is an option even if it is a last resort.

Re: Looking for a knee brace

yea thanks i checked it out. if that what it comes to i guess ill have to put the money together to get one. hopefully someone has one they dont use anymore. i gave away the carbon fiber one for my left knee a couple years to some highschool kid who needed one. the breg one i got was more comfortable and felt more supportive. so hopefully someone has one i can get cheaper. i know alot of guys stop wearing them after a year or so and they just sit in closets and such.

Re: Looking for a knee brace

Hey I just got fitted for braces (my left knee is shot, ACL tore in half,miniscus pulverized)by a company called BREG. The salesman was great. They will travel to where you are for the measurements and fitting.BREG braces was founded by one of the guys who founded Donjoy. He is the original designer on many of Donjoy's original designs. BREG's are killer braces at half the price of Donjoy's. My insurance paid for mine (If you can get a script from your doctor saying you need the brace (for football or otherwise)most insurance companies will pay for them.
If you have no insurance you can get them for about 300 a piece (thats half price of retail). If your interested you can google BREG or email me and I will
get ya'll together (

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