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2009 ilf all league team


Generals: Hibbeln #18

Cutters: Brown #5


Generals: Douhtit #29

Crush: Deleon #42

Cutters: Thompson #33

Raiders: Sullivan #5 (1 in second round)


Generals: Zeunik #3

Cutters: Rochell #7

Wolfpack: Gross #19

Mustangs: Frye #16


Generals: Ragan #89

Crush: Shire #88


Generals: Childress #64

Crush: Moore #72

Cutters: Graves #72

Raiders: Rammel #71

Panthers: Locker #81

Wolfpack: Prater #74

Wolfpack: Bradley #56

Mustangs: Houlihan #77


Cutters: J. Westell #45

At large offensive player

Panthers: Roberts #28

Mustangs: Secunda #12


Generals: Gray #10

Generals: Cameron #47

Crush: Price #46

Cutters: Johnson #98

Cutters: Hicks #83

Raiders: Gibson #58

Wolfpack: Schrock #6

Mustangs: Craft #93


Generals: Sweatt #57

Cutters: Key #42

Wolfpack: Ghaffar #51

Wolfpack: Petre #21

Mustangs: Blanton #33

Shamrock: Kirby #1


Generals: Linville #6

Generals: McNary #32

Cutters: Anderson #1

Mustangs: Hile #2


Generals: Love #11

Cutters: Land #24


Panthers: Albarran #44

Defensive At Large

Crush: Shire #24

Shamrock: Jenkins #96

Re: 2009 ilf all league team

#1 for the Elkhart Shamrock is Sheppard not Kirby. I honestly don't know why this mistake has happened due to the standout player he is. Please make this correction.

Re: 2009 ilf all league team

generals 11
cutters 10
wolfpack 6
mustangs 6
shamrock 2
crush 4
raiders 3
panthers 3

Re: 2009 ilf all league team

Not Sure what the Numbers from each team Have to do with anything?

Re: 2009 ilf all league team

maybe the people(not you crush 46) question how good certain teams are. well cutter towel boy, generals had more guys make it than you did and one was your kicker, that shouldnt even count. and nick land over generals other safety coop, well that was a sypmathy vote i assure you.,

Re: 2009 ilf all league team

and only reason your fat qb brown made it was cause whitaker was out. hes a scrub.

Re: 2009 ilf all league team

People do nothing but talk crap and run their mouth about things dont really matter. Maybe the Generals dont want you speaking for them. I dont like the cutters but maybe they keep talking on here becuase people keep poking them. You are not any better than the players of theirs who do the same stupid things as you do. Grow up!

Re: 2009 ilf all league team

maybe if the owners of the shamrock would have been responsible and gone to the league meeting they would know #1's name

Re: 2009 ilf all league team

why should the shamrock owners go to the meetings the meetings are a sham anyway how many times have the cutter people emailed league reps without including all league reps they run the league and thats no secret.
The league better get some real leadership before it is to late, another year like this one would not be good.

Re: 2009 ilf all league team

Mr or Ms or Mrs "Great Owners"

Believe me when I say although I do not make it public...even within our team nobody knows how much I am on them to get the things done they need to do

But I do know how much time they put in for their team...and unless you are an owner then you have NO idea how much time is put in

I am not going to make excuses but I can honestly say that after 2 weeks in a row of making the longest trips we can make in our league and getting home at 4 in the morning after the cutters game there was no way I could spend another 5 hours on the road on sunday plus the time spent at the meeting in Anderson.....

Not that I have to explain but i do know plans were made for our reps to be on a conference call for the meeting.....which also brings me to another this day and age I dont understand why meetings cant be handles differently
But at this point I only have myself to blame
But I have planned on making myself more involved in the process

BTW I have to ask.....if you are affiliated with the shamrock then why is this convo not happening with me....and if your not affiliated with the shamrock then what concern is it of yours?

and realistically.....there should not be anyone who does not know who #1 is.....Im pretty sure he has at least earned that much

-Coach Bell

Re: 2009 ilf all league team

Do they do this for the MFL? Do they come up with aa mfl all league team jw. Thankss

Re: 2009 ilf all league team

After the half-failed attempt last year, the MFL did not post an all-league team.

Re: 2009 ilf all league team

The all league team is a bunch of crap. Word of mouth and there is your team. It's just a joke anyway who cares about it? You want to pick the cream of the crop from a league where some teams play half the team out of possition because owners and coaches have no clue what they are doing. Wow but congrats to most I agree some of the pick are for real.

Re: 2009 ilf all league team

This is semi-pro football. Ive yet to see a player from this state sign a NFL contract. 90% of the players in this league play for the LOVE of the game. Does it really make a difference on what team you did or did not make? If someone hurt youre feelings by selecting a "All League Team" maybe you should stop playing. Ive heard about players taken steroids and teams "Loading Up" for years. If people can not play for Fun and LOVE of the game then stop playing. No player that I know of gets paid.? The other 10% think they are Super Stars and they are all about "ME". That is what ruins this game that so many LOVE. It takes 11 players at any given time to Win. It takes poeple who practice and never see game time. It takes Coaches, board members, officals, people who are willing to give up FREE time to start a league and provide players a place to play all for the LOVE for football. So, I say to the 10% club go sign a NFL contract and make the Pro Bowl team then you can come back and post on how You or a team mate was not selected to a Semi-pro all league team. Shut up and play the game for what it is..FUN on a Saturday afternoon...