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The REAL CRUSH STARS (and and strips)

Our season is now over due to a tough loss in a game where we lead at half time and preceded to fall apart in the second half. We left disappointed to return to real lives. Me back to school to finish up my masters degree at Ball State while most of the Crush return to work, but this post is not about us.

If you were at the Mustangs/Crush game you saw one of our players in full military uniform run to our side lines with his pads in one hand and a gym bag in another hand just before kickoff. As he stood there saluting our flag during our national anthem on September 12th, I could only think of how much I appreciated the fine men and women who have put their their lives on the line to defend and protect this country over the last 8 years.

Though I am the first one to disagree with the direction this country has been heading in the past few years politically speaking. I know the reason I am free to disagree is men like this who stand up, serve our country, and defend our freedom.

So to Rick Kidd, Alvin "Tank" Brooks, Skye Bates, and Vic Sawyer, from the bottom of my heart: Thank You, Stay Safe, and Make America Proud.

SupaFan Nation when you find time pray for these men particularly Skye he leaves this month for Afghanistan.

If other teams have men in similar situations Post there names here so they can be honored and prayed for too.

Re: The REAL CRUSH STARS (and and strips)

Excellent sentiment. All of us here at "Vinny Central" will pray for your comrades, as well as all of our men and women who serve our Country from in and outside of it.


Re: The REAL CRUSH STARS (and and strips)

Mark 'Bull' James(Bearcats last season) is serving in Iraq.

Miss ya Bull! God Bless.

Re: The REAL CRUSH STARS (and and strips)

That is great what you said, about the armed forces and all, but you are the biggiest douche bag ever, cry baby punk, hitting people in the back after the interception was in the end zone. suck it.

Re: The REAL CRUSH STARS (and and strips)

I do apologize that play was appropriate.

Re: The REAL CRUSH STARS (and and strips)

Neil, way to ruin a perfectly good post that salutes our troop serving and giving us the opportunity to be able to to play this great sport. Grow up, if you got a problem w. someone do it in person not online. Grow up dude..

Good post Zack...

Re: The REAL CRUSH STARS (and and strips)

dont wanna toot my own horn. but the crush forgot one. cam"ocho cinco" johnson did two tours in iraq, before he graced the semi pro ear in his life. so just wanna put that out there. msrine corps baby. and skye ur in my prayers.

Re: The REAL CRUSH STARS (and and strips)

oh, yer right dude, ill grow up, seen any new ninja turtle cartoons lately tough guy? or was it the thunder cats?

Re: The REAL CRUSH STARS (and and strips)

I think it is very sad to turn a good post into this. It was a cheap play and everyone makes cheap plays, we somtimes let our emotions get the better of us. It was sad for me to see this play but lets let it go. I know for a fact that Mustangs have had cheap shots on other guys. But I will defend the mustangs all the way, like I said somtimes we let our emotions get the best of us especially in a a tough lose. But there were no Mustangs complaining when he help them get to a Championship on three differant years? I just find that odd! Let it go and play ball! May God bless our troops and bring them home safe. Neil & Zach practice hard be safe and keep positive attitudes, thats what makes the IFL great is the friendships that are made between teams!!!!