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Sept 26th - IFL and MSFL Championship

The season is winding down and the first championship games are among us. We’ll cut thought all the SupaFan Message board BS and go right to plucking that chicken.

IFL Championship: Cutters @ Generals : Well we all knew it would come down to this. The towel boy takes on JT. HaHa ok. Sidenote, shout out to those Wolfpack who just about pulled off the unthinkable. So back to the real thing, there will be big plays, there will be big hits, there will be fireworks, but sorry no bathroom breaks. It’s the matchup of the year and everyone is talking about it. I hope for the sake of Indiana Semi Pro Football, this is good, hard hitting, TD scoring, CLEAN football game.

MSLF Championship: Threat @ Pirates: Notice anything missing? Ya that one team, the Thunder. The biggest news, no thunder repeat.

MFL Playoffs: Kicking off the playoffs we find 1, 1, and 2. 1 team to win it all – Bearcats, 1 team not playing to win – Cardinals, 2 teams that could come from behind to win - Force and Pirates. The last two are playing each other. The Force were the first team to beat the Patriots in the regular season, the Pirates were the first to beat them at their home. One or the other will fight for the right to party – well the better option, because the winner heads to the river, the only team to beat the Patriots twice.

State Rankings have been updated and the Fan Prediction Center has reset. Vote for your pick to win each championship game and all the others in the mix.

Good luck to all those teams still in action

Re: Sept 26th - IFL and MSFL Championship