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just a few words.....

First things first, congrats to the cutters as much as i hate to say it. u guys really put it on us. had a really good gameplan too. play keep away from Hile haha run the other way and pass the other way!! I even begged Slinkard to throw my way!!! It really sucks to go out there and play ur ass off and still get destroyed.

I love this game with all my heart but now im not so sure if i can continue to play. My career path has me using my hands to make my living (gonna be a massage therapist) and if i injure my hands im shit outta luck cuz i wont be able to work. I gotta ask myself, Is the juice worth the squeeze?

Anyways Id like to thank the mustangs for puttin up with me again this season haha and id also like to thank the cutters for their recognition of my abilities and to plan ur offense around me haha, that just tells me how much respect u guys have for me. and when we were shakin hands im pretty sure i even heard one of u say IU could use me! Hell id love to play there! 3-0 this season baby!

but anyways, Good luck to both teams in the championship.... IFL its been real

Zach Hile
K.C. Mustang #2

in the words of Hatebreed
"Every drop of blood, Every bitter tear, Every bead of sweat, I LIVE FOR THIS!!"

Re: just a few words.....

Hile, you jerk. You had a decent linebacker on your side too, maybe that also had soemthing to do with them running the other way...tool, haha.

Cutters, great game. Wish we could have given you a better game (it was fairly good for a half haha). Good luck this weekend.

Hile, I'll miss you brother and hope you have fun rubbing down other men...jk buddy.

Left Side...

Re: just a few words.....


cant you extend your insurance policy to cover your hands up to a certain amount of money????
My buddy Mr.Nasco i think said he has a policy that covers loss of income if hands are injured! of course hes a cardiologist though...

it was good though, come to the championship it will be a good'en
Come on down to Bloomington IU could use alot of things!!


Re: just a few words.....

Blanton.. Strong side!

Kurt... I actually had never even thought of that but I believe that is very possible... Another thing is idk where I'm gonna end up... My 1st choice would to be get on a cruise line and rub down some rich cougars haha but if I'm around Indiana I'll def look into the hand coverage

Re: just a few words.....



Re: just a few words.....

Mr Hile,

A true quality player both ON and off the field such as yourself would be missed.

We hope that you are able to return to play again.