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Noble County WOLFPACK

I attended the game Saturday night at Arlington High School and I wanted to get on here and give a shout out to the Wolfpack you are a first class organization with first class coaches. The game was a tight affair and there were several BIG HITS as well as several big plays the game was not over until very late in the 4th quarter and the one thing that impressed me all night long was there wasn't any trash talking from either side on the field and everyone played with class and at the end of the game when you guys had to be very disappointed you all met at mid-field and shared a prayer. I even took a photo of the Clawson brothers walking together after the game no hards feelings from either both knew that each team played their hearts out, another thing that struck me was along the sideline fence well after the game had ended a coach came up to the two water boys for the Generlas and shook their hand and told them they were just as much a champion as the players on the field you should have seen their faces light up another small gesture but very classy move and I'm sure those two young men ( neither could have been more than 11 years old ) will remember that man and what he said for a long time.
Last but not least to the public address man the reference to "that team" and your little pep talk at the end of the game to the fans that was great as well, you also did a fine job.
The semi-final game between these two teams is what semi-pro football is all about and if you missed it you missed one heck of a game. I hope that the stands are packed for the Championship game I'm sure it will be a game that will be talked about for years I only hope it is because of the play on the field and not other actions.
Congrats to Coach Marsh and to Coach Terhune you each have an outstanding team

Re: Noble County WOLFPACK

First, I want to say thank you on behalf of all of the Wolfpack for the very kind words. Our classyness(if that's a word, I teach Math not Language Arts)starts with our Head Coach and filters down through the rest of us. I don't know if he and his family knew exactly what they were getting into with semi-pro football, but it requires a lot of time to do it right, and unfortunately you don't get a lot in return. So I have to give a big thanks to Tom Marsh and his family for all of their hard work and time. We started one hell of a family this year!
Second, I would like to apologize to our fan that I yelled at towards the end of the game. I did not do this to embarrass you and if I did I am truly sorry. I only did it to protect the high level of class that our fans have shown all year, and I wanted the season to end with our fans class still in good standing. We have some of, if not the best fans in the IFL and it is really inspiring how the community has taken ownership of our team. So again, I am very sorry!
Third, I would love to get a copy of that picture, so please let me know how I could get a hold of you.

Good luck to both the Cutters and Generals! Although I guess I gotta pull for the Generals :).

Brian Clawson #1
Noble County Wolfpack

Re: Noble County WOLFPACK

To all the guys in the IFL who pour their hearts out on a field because of the love of the game, I thank you. I truly enjoy each and every game that I watch, even when the outcome isnt one that I want. You guys work your butts off every game and with every bead of sweat and every drop of blood continue on like champions. I stand up and applaud each member of every team, but to the Wolfpack team, you are truly a great bunch of guys. You know how the game should be played, with class and sportmanship. I am sad that the Wolfpack's season is over, but I know that with all the talent on that team next year will be one hell of a season! Looking forward to seeing Wolfpack football next season!

Re: Noble County WOLFPACK

I know I asked before, but does anyone know who this IFL PROUD FAN is? I would really like to get a copy of that picture of my brother and I.
Brian Clawson